is Sparkling Water good for you

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Mitch here!

I’m addicted to sparkling water. I kept track yesterday and I drank a full case of the stuff. Is that bad? Should you be worried about me? Should I be worried about myself? Man, I’m so thirsty.

Be right back.

Kelly here. Mitch, is this seriously a post about sparkling water?

The good (?) news is that I’m not alone. Carbonated water sales are up over 88 percent in the past six years, which is really saying something because regular water is practically free, extremely convenient and also delicious. So I guess I’m not alone!

“Delicious”? Anyone else raising their eyebrows at this?!

The sparkling water recipe is simple. Put a bunch of water and carbon dioxide in a pressurized chamber and watch it infuse. The concoction then sparkles out in millions of little CO2 bubbles when the pressure is released resulting in a beverage refreshing enough to forgo any sugars, caffeine or chemicals to make it palatable. Indeed, sparkling water appears to be a harmless little vice. The key is that aside from a few million effervescent bubbles, the stuff is just water and water is the healthiest liquid to drink. As a matter of fact, studies show that having a case of sparkling water around can cause more water consumption, which is linked to higher energy levels, reduced headaches, improved brain function and even weight loss. So I guess I’m not such a lunatic after all!

“Indeed.” Hahaha.

Though sparkling water is having a bit of a resurgence, it’s been around since 1767 when Joseph Priestley, an English brewer, discovered the “peculiar satisfaction” of drinking it. He promptly wrote his masterpiece Impregnating Water with Fixed Air. Since then, the drink has sparkled all over the world while taking on a number of pseudonyms like soda water, fizzy water, and seltzer water. I prefer to call it sparkling for obvious reasons.

Okay, I actually really appreciate that you researched the history of sparkling water. While it may suggest that you have some underlying issues, you put in the effort. 😂

I prefer the cheapest possible sparkling water source I can find. Aldi’s Belle Vie costs about $0.25 per can which means that I only spend about $50 per day on the stuff. (Kidding.) I’m curious what the rest of you Sparkle Heads’ favorites are out there. Which do you love? Which do you dislike? There are, after, all, many options.

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I really can’t wait to see if a conversation stems from this question.

If you’re like me and someone in your life is constantly telling me that I’m not drinking enough water, I suggest jumping on the sparkle train.

I do tell him to drink more water. He laughs about my giant water bottle that I carry around with me but it makes me feel so much better! Sorry. Go on.

Better than being a guilt-free habit, it might even be good for you!

Mitch. OUT!

I give this a solid C. (Hahaha, love you.) Hey guys, what do you want to see Mitch write about next?! It seems that he enjoys random topics, so have at it.