Free People Sweater (Also love this one.) / Jeans (Also adore this pair.) / Tassel Mules (Also here, and super similar here. But this is my current favorite pair of loafers, and they’re on sale with code “STAYCOZY”!) Old Scarf (But love the newer version.) / Faux Leather Tote (Such a steal and so soft! And this my real leather one.) / College Quilt (Crazy!)

You know those weeks when everything is go-go-go? Nothing particularly big happened; it just seemed like we were occupied every moment of the day. (And I can’t even remember what we were occupied with as I type this, haha.) But we somehow managed to keep our heads above water, and today, I’m working hard to wrap up a couple of projects so I can have a true work-free weekend. If I learned anything from 2017, it’s that I need those, and I want to continue striving for balance in 2018.

Plans for the weekend:

Tonight, we’re having Emily and Doug and their little girls over for a playdate (so cute), and then tomorrow, we’re headed down to my in-laws’ lake house for Mitch’s grandma’s 90th birthday. Happy Birthday, Grandma Smith! We love you and we can’t wait to celebrate with you! On Sunday, we’re hoping to rope Jess and Neal into hanging out with us because Neal miraculously has off on Monday and WE’VE MISSED THEM! Hehe. No pressure, though, guys. We can also just FaceTime. ;)

Other news? Oh, yeah. I dyed my hair. More on that later, haha, but you can check Insta Stories to see. New year, new hair!


On to this week’s Recent Finds:

The cutest red loafers. I can’t wait for spring.

How sweet are the ruffles on this top?

And the scalloped sandals!

Adore this coverup.

SO PRETTY. Here’s the similar one I have (and wear so often.)

A great basic.

Ordered this for our trip to Naples!

Perfect for Valentine’s Day if you live somewhere cold.

The gingham bow version!

I can’t believe this is still in stock. You guys know how much I love it, haha.

After seriously a year of searching, I finally sound super soft dark skinny jeans that don’t stretch out throughout the day. Love them! They run TTS.

Black or navy? Can’t figure it out.

Scalloped leggings.

These are ADORBS.

A classic velvet dress.

Striped umbrellas are difficult to find. ;) 40 percent off with code: ICY pin: 5771.

I have a very similar shirt and wear it all spring and summer with skinny jeans!

Heart eyes.

And this one!

Wore this the other day on the blog, and it’s currently on sale with code “STAYCOZY.” Go down one size. It’s also available at Nordstrom.

FAVORITE loafers! Read why here.  And use code “STAYCOZY” to get ’em on sale. They’re also available here from Nordstrom.

Again, code “STAYCOZY.” They’re also available here from Nordstrom.

The Gucci mules come in brown now! These are the loafers that are super similar.

Clearly, Florida is on my mind.

Love this beach tote, too!

This is my Valentine’s Day skirt and I’m pretty excited about it because my parents are watching Emma for the night. :) It’s on major sale here, btw!

This is so unlike me, but bought this to wear under oversized sweaters. I love the look when one strap peeks out!

The best Chanel-style bag I’ve seen.


A red pea coat is the dream, but every year, they sell out in my size before I can nab one. MAYBE IN WINTER 2018.