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There’s never been a better time to support small businesses than the 2020 holiday season. Here are my picks this year:

Above Normal Eggs: If you’re new here, my brother- and sister-in-law run a chicken farm in Normal, Illinois! Watching Charlie and Shirley build a life that they love so much has been extraordinary, and I must say that Above Normal Eggs are the best eggs I’ve ever had. :) If you’re local and you’d like to purchase some, you can email them at (Safe) pickup only for the time being!

Little Flower Fabric Liberty of London Face Masks: These are my favorite face masks. They’re soft as silk, easy to wear, made of Liberty fabric, and affordable. They’re also reversible, so I get a lot more wear out of them than I do with others! If you hate your current mask, please give this one a try. (So many prints, btw! Click around the shop.)

Kate’s Couture Design Velvet Dress: I got these velvet dresses for Charlie and Shirley’s wedding, and WOW. They were absolutely stunning; looked like $100+ dresses! Kate even added a bow to the back of them. So cute.

Catherine Sullivan Design Noodle Plates: GUYS. Are these not the most adorable kids’ holiday sets you’ve ever seen?! I adore the bow one, too. Cute story: When I ordered these, Catherine’s mom hand-delivered them to our home in Chicago. Now that’s service!

Sail to Sable x Jenn Lake Bow Top: This collaboration! They knocked it out of the park. I have the bow sweater and I’m in love with it. So happy it can be worn throughout the winter, too. It’s not just a holiday piece!

Anna’s One/Third Utility Jacket: My friend Anna and her co-founder Coabi are the only full-time employees, and they’re so proud of the Chicago-based company they launched in 2019. However, a pandemic that keeps people home makes it tough to sell women’s jackets. They still have a great product and customer base, but 2020 has been tough for their business. Purchasing the utility jacket—a must for any preppy girl—is such a great way to support small!

Kiel James Patrick Christmas Tree Sweater: CUTEST SWEATER OF THE YEAR? I think so. I also have this leaf sweater. I’m addicted to KJP sweaters, and their Cyber Week promotion is awesome right now! (The other product I’m kind of desperate for is the Moose dress, but it’s sold out in the size I need because I believe it runs large. I’m stalking it, though, so stay tuned, haha!)

Kira David Design: Kira is one of my very, very best friends and she’s designed not one but TWO homes for me at this point. Thank you, Kira! If you’re in the Chicago or Boston area, hit a girl up. You need her in your life. She’ll also become your BFF, which is an added bonus. Love you, Kira!

Riley Sheehey “Alphabunnies” Print: Riley is definitely my favorite artist, and I just adore her work! I have this “Alphabunnies” print in Lucy’s room, and I just bought “At the Barre” for Emma’s room. In January, I hope to get moving on a fun project with her for both girls. You know: Once life calms down and I’m sleeping again, haha. Riley, you’re the best!

Elisamama Dress: Do you remember this post?! My friend and Two Peas in a Prada blogger Emily–the sweetest mom of three who I met on this trip–introduced me to Fisayo, founder and owner of the children’s brand Elisamama. Fisayo–also a mom of three!–is a native of Nigeria, and her primary goal with her business is to economically empower local artisans through jobs and skills training. All Elisamama products are handmade in Nigeria, and team members can support both themselves and their families on their incomes. I adore the little girls’ dresses, and so does Emma!

La Paloma Holly Horse Nightgown: My friend Jen–who I met on our trip to Martha’s Vineyard with Vineyard Vines–recently launched La Poloma Kids, the most adorable children’s company! (So amazed by you, Jen!) La Paloma is genius: the dresses work as both playtime clothing and nightgowns. Each 100-percent cotton gown goes through an extensive three-wash process so the material is incredibly soft. They’re all produced ethically and designed to keep kids warm in the winter and cool in the summer heat as well. You might remember the brand from this post!

Mitch Larkin’s Sous Vide Sinker: This is one of Mitch’s recent products! Gotta support the husband. ;) Would you be interested in learning more about what he does? If so, let me know! Kind of ridiculous we’ve never gone into much detail about it, haha. Anyway, the Sous Vide Sinker works extremely well if you’re into sous vide, and kids LOVE IT. It’s hilarious. Emma and Lucy steal ours all the time to play with, and some of the reviewers say the same about their kids. We’re cracking up over it, but I suppose it’s kind of slinky-like?!

The Crafty Farmhouse Gingham Face Mask with Heart: I stumbled upon this mask and thought it looked great for Charlie and Shirley’s wedding. It was a hit!

Jenny Beth’s Madeline Costume: This is what Emma and Lucy wore for Halloween. You can see the photos here!

MegMade Hepplewhite: Meg and Joe are awesome friends of ours, and they own the company MegMade, which refinishes vintage furniture and turns the pieces into works of art! They ship all over the country. I’m particularly in love with this piece for between the windows in the foyer. Stained a dark walnut? Perfect. (Miss you, M+J.)

Sara Fitz Framed Polka Dot Bathing Suit: I love Sara Fitz—and her whole fam. She speaks to me. We have her Nantucket baskets in Emma’s room, and we’re wallpapering the laundry room in the striped shirts. I also bought the framed swimsuit to hang in the laundry room because have you ever seen something so perfect?

Sara Campbell Popcorn Sweater: My aunt manages the Sara Campbell store on Nantucket, so the brand HAD to make this post! :) I adore the company, and my aunt. If you’re on the island next year, please stop in to say hello to “Auntie-M.” She’s the best. She also has the best taste and I aspire to dress like her but always fall short, haha. Totally makes sense why she works for SC; everything is beautiful, timeless and original! (Love you, Auntie-M!)

Southern Linen Monogram Hand Towels: These are the hand towels that I have in our powder room. Can’t remember how I find them, but they’re fantastic. :) We have them in that light blue!

Alice & Wonder Chicago Pediatric Cancer Chicago T-Shirt: This shirt was made in collaboration with one of my best friends, Danielle, and her daughter Margot, who is currently undergoing treatment. I got them for the girls for Christmas. <3 (I also love the Sweet Home Chicago Sweatshirt and T-Shirt!)

Crab & Cleek Ginger Jar Tote: IT’S BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER. Who doesn’t need more totes? I know I totes do.

Carousel Designs Shop Bow Crib Sheet: I got these for Lucy for Christmas! I know. She’s not going to care. But I spotted them and loved them, and all her crib sheets are tired and kind of gross. Time for a sweet upgrade. (And perhaps the last crib sheet purchase since she’ll be moving to her big girl bed next year!)

Dudley Stephens Brighton Boatneck in Bubble Fleece: And we can’t forget Dudley! This is my favorite of all the cuts. I order a size small. Gifts with your purchase of $150.

Tiny Tassel Bow Earrings: I LOVE Tiny tassel. The team is offering 20 percent off the curated collection! Use code “PINKFRIDAY20.” (Those mermaid earrings!)

Wow, No Thank You. from Semicolon Bookstore: I just started reading this; it’s supposed to be a hoot. It’s from a fabulous Black-owned bookstore in Chicago that I’ve ordered books for Emma from. They have some really great deals right now!

Little Nomad Portable Picnic Mat: I couldn’t survive without this thing. It’s changed my life, both as a mom but also as a person. It goes with us nearly everywhere, especially during times of the year that we spend extended periods of time outside. It folds up into a tiny square and you can hose it down. You’ll never go to the park again without it! (I’m considering getting this smaller one for under Lucy’s clip-on high chair because the floor beneath it is so gross. This is probably a must!)

Brooke & Lou Cypress Garland: By now, you probably know how obsessed I am with Crate & Barrel’s Cypress garland—though sadly, it’s always sold out. Brooke & Lou recently came out with a STELLAR version, though. Celebrate!

ChappyWrap Christmas Tree Blanket: ChappyWrap is another small business the Larkin Family adores. This is a great gift option, especially for 2020! We have so many ChappyWrap blankets around the house; they’re everyone’s favorites. Lucy actually sleeps with one every night! (My favorite is our hydrangea blanket, but have you seen Sara Fitz’s new ginger jar blanket?!)

Sophie & Lili Upper East Side Mug: I LOVE Sophie & Lili. And since my mom and I both used to live on the Upper East Side for many years, this seemed like a must this holiday season. So many good times, and also a lot of loneliness if we’re being honest here. ;) Until someone very special took the First Avenue bus all the way up to 68th Street to watch “Annie Hall” with me on rainy June night. And that was that!

Anecdote Margot Sofa: This is Danielle’s store! And the Margot Sofa was named after Margot. Of course it’s my favorite, not just because of the name. It’s just perfect.

The Grove Street Press Tortoise Stationery: I love the Grove Street Press. The company is based in New Orleans, near where both my brothers now live, and therefore it’s very special to me. I love this tortoise stationery so much!

WH Hostess Holiday Village Gift Wrap: WH Hostess always BRINGS IT when it comes to wrapping paper. It’s my go-to, and I can’t recommend it more if you’re all about the holidays this year. (Obviously 2020 is an “on” year for me, haha.) I’ll be placing my order this weekend!

Camilyn Beth CoCo Dress: I recently bought this dress for Charlie and Shirley’s wedding. (So much of my life has revolved around that event this year, right?! The best.) Anyway, it’s stunning. And I honestly foresee myself buying it in black in the future, too. It’s the perfect LBD. Or LND, depending on which you wear more. ;)

Barrington Gifts x Caitlin Wilson Diaper Bag: Oh my gosh. I’m so excited about it. I’ve long been a huge Barrington Gifts fan, and this collaboration is everything. The bag I linked to is my favorite, but shop the whole Caitlin Wilson line here! (Including non-diaper bags!)

Lisi Lerch Bow Earrings: Lisi Lerch earrings are pretty much the only statement earrings I can own because they’re so lightweight and often come in clip-on versions. They make every date night special. Take advantage of the sales, and definitely snag the bow earrings! They make for a great gift, too.

Preppy Coffee Co. Chinoiserie Coffee: Carly recently featured this and I was drooling over it, haha. Looks so good and LOOKS SO GOOD, if you know what I mean. Adorable.

Seabags x Kelly in the City Noodle Tote: Guys, I drew the Noodle and designed this bag back when I moved to Chicago! It’s so special to me. If you love Noods, you need this tote, haha.

Foto Strap Leather Camera Strap: This is my camera strap. Couldn’t function without it. Love the subtle monogram and how soft the leather is. Makes shooting a lot easier! Another great present idea.