Can you get over this painting by BJoyfulIllustrations?! It’s from this blog post, and I’m blown away! (Pink bow mules, yasssss!)

Hello from California! I’m actually writing this on Friday, so I can’t really say how our flight went, haha. But here’s hoping it wasn’t a complete disaster. (Thank you, by the way, for all your amazing advice on flying with an infant. It really helped to calm our nerves!)

Without further ado, though, here are this week’s Recent Finds. See you tomorrow for a regularly scheduled post!


Loving this ruffled pink top. Such sweet detailing.

Ignore the cutoff jean shorts, but isn’t this gingham top the sweetest?! I love the light blue!

This scarf is so classy and such a deal. Perfect around the neck or attached to a bag!

I can’t get enough of this top. Definitely reminds me of an older J.Crew one that I made the mistake of not swooping up.

Can’t decide whether this is too revealing or just right.

So into one pieces this year, and I like how bright and cheery this one is. :)

Such a sweet ruffled tank. Love those skinny straps!

BAH! Gingham skirt. Adorable.

Rag & Bone white jeans in the CAPRI CUT! YES!

Such a beautiful light blue lace dress.

I need to wear black more often. It’s so classy. There is more to a wardrobe than just navy pieces, Kelly!

Love these scalloped block heels for spring, when my toes get cold. They also come in leopard!

I’ve adored this top for a while, and it’s finally on sale.

Clearly, I’m really into these ruffled tops. So many good ones right now!

Navy and Kelly Green and kiltie. Everything I love in a shoe.

Too trendy or absolutely perfect?

A great classic white top for every occasion.