Pink bow mules — Crazy soft and comfy. And affordable!

I won’t lie: last night was kind of crummy. We were running all over Chicago and the suburbs to complete a bunch of projects because I struggle with to-do lists during the week when I’m taking care of Emma. The day, however, was awesome. We attended the one-day Radio Flyer Adventure Travel agency in Lincoln Square, which I wrote about here… and Emma ended up being on the 5 o’clock news! We had such a great time with Radio Flyer, and we truly couldn’t believe how adorable the setup was. Afterwards, we went to lunch at Jerry’s, and then we took Emma to the toy store. (The cutest!)

Mitch is the best. I’m quick to procrastinate on the weekends, but he knows that putting things off will only result in me getting super overwhelmed when Monday rolls around, so he does everything in his power to help me accomplish the work on Saturdays and Sundays… while also making time for fun. I’m very lucky, and Mitch, I’m sorry for all the things I said when I was hangry, tired and cold. ;)

Anyway, here are this week’s “Recent Finds.” Please excuse the brevity of the captions; this girl is off to bed! :)

As we’re headed off to LA soon, I’m starting to become interested in skirts. Isn’t this one perfect… for Palm Springs?! (Hoping I can make it there…)

I know. A scalloped skirt dress. And yes, it’s as cute in real life as it is in photos.

Nantucket will always be a very special place to me, and this purse really reminds me of the baskets that ladies carry around as bags!

Still dreaming of Palm Springs. Here’s the midi dress version.

I’m pretty sure I’ve included this before, but I recently purchased this dress for an event I have next month. (Photos to come!) I’m in love. Here’s a similar dress, too.

If I were getting married this year, these would be my shoes.

JUST GOT THESE. Guys, tortoise block heels and so comfortable!

An off-the-shoulder top with straps so it won’t fall down. Mothers, unite! This one, too.

I’m in love with this company.

I know. It probably holds nothing. But what a cute clutch for date night.

Definitely wrote about this last time, but I have this top in three colors and they’re on constant rotation. They’re machine-washable!

All the gingham. Well done, Banana.

How sweet is that tiny bow?

I shop at Anthropologie every once in a while, but the company’s newest arrivals kill me.

Right?! Tucked into skirts or worn with skinny jeans?!

Love the detailing on this sleeve.

While I already have my white dress, I definitely scratched my head after seeing this one. ;)

A classic gingham top.

Too skimpy for me and my weird-looking tummy. But if you go to the gym or are simply naturally blessed in the ab department, GO FOR IT.

My favorite Burberry jacket now comes in light pink! Freaking out…

I keep seeing this top everywhere. Pretty sure I wrote about it this past week, but worth mentioning again!

I have this top and get so much wear out of it at night. Throw it over dark jeans and BOOM: you’re ready for a night on the town.

Madewell, this top is perfection.

A great top for a vacation.

We all know how much I love the cut of these jeans, but what do we think about the light wash?

Looks just like the designer version but is under $40! Buy now; it won’t last!