Recent Finds, 2/8: Items I'm Loving Lately - Kelly in the City

Snap Pullover (Runs TTS, if not a little big. Don’t size up.)

We got Emma back yesterday!

I mentioned this a few posts back, but Emma was with her grandparents for a few days because we wanted to finish up all work-related projects so we could have a true work-free vacation in Florida next week. It was a tough few days, but we got through it!

As much as I wanted to drive to get her yesterday morning, I had to work on wrapping things up while Mitch met his mom halfway between Chicago and the lake house. But Mitch arrived back in Lincoln Park with Emma around noon, and we hugged and kissed for a solid hour, haha. And then we ran downtown for a family adventure!

While we’re still not totally done, and have another big day in front of us, I really can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to be together again. T minus one day to FL! We can do this!

Anyway, here is this week’s “Recent Finds” post. Happy Friday, Friends!

Recent Finds, 2/8:


Just received these in the mail this past week, and I LOVE them. Guys, I’m bringin’ saddle shoes back, haha. They’re lined with fleece and super cozy!

Can’t get enough of this striped midi skirt. I have to warn you: a lot of this week’s “finds” are for warm weather on account of our trip. ;)

But here’s a colder weather pick! The first great brown bow loafer I’ve found. :)

I’m very conservative on the beach. I also like to stay covered because I have Irish skin. I’d love to wear this with a solid white or solid navy one piece!

Or this one with my gingham and striped suits. :)

I’m definitely this trench this year because it has a LINER. It’s actually warm, yet looks like those cool trenches you see all the cool girls wearing when it’s still freezing. Don’t be a freezing cool girl. Be a warm cool girl. ;)

I LOVE Chaus dresses because they’re timeless. I have this dress in the black velvet version and wear it constantly during the winter. Isn’t the navy version beautiful?!

Can’t get over the little tie. This is a must this season!

I have quite the large loafer collection. But how cute are these blush loafers?! They’re known for their comfort, too!

Good coats are hard to come by right now as the season is technically ending. (Sure doesn’t feel like it, though!) I love this new pink coat, which is such a steal and fully in stock!

The quilted navy jacket is back and ON SALE! A great spring jacket. :)

In my cart. Coming to a blog post near you, haha.

Love the bow detailing on the back of this top!

I know I keep including this in my Recent Finds posts, but I adore it, and it’s been restocked!

Same for this gem. Taking it to Florida. :)

Another pair of pants that are in my cart. Really hope they fit!

Love this striped skirt, too.

You’ll also be seeing this one soon! Talbots has been killing it.

Recently purchased this to get me through the rest of winter and I’ve been wearing it on repeat. I’m thinking a “how to wear a beret” post is in order. Because it’s confusing at first!

The cutest!

Love that the affordable (and machine-washable) scalloped cami is back.

Finally. An affordable scalloped bathing suit.

SO CUTE. This will also be coming with me to Florida. Truth: I’ve had it in my closet for months, and I’ve been waiting for this trip!

I really shouldn’t be allowed to walk into Club Monaco.

And this one! I love it so much. I’ll report back on whether it’s too low cut, though.

Another gem. Look at the ruffle!

Who can tell me whether this is black or navy? #pleasebenavy


A great faux leather bag for a steal.

Looking for a camel coat? So is the rest of the country. This one is fully in stock and of the BEST quality!