smocked top

Smocked Top

Back with a solid number of “Recent Finds” today!

This is the best pair of lighter wash jeans I own, and they’re on sale! AND you can take an additional 30 percent off with code “LIKEALION.” (Super stretchy and soft. Go down one size.)

The classic roll neck sweater is available in a scoop neck. Love it in stripes!

This! It’s a cashmere leopard sweater, and I love the thought of that.

High-rise navy gingham pants. So. Cute.

These are making the list again because I ended up ordering them! Man. I can’t wait for warmer weather. Until then, though, I cannot stand to have exposed ankles so these will live in my closet. ;)

J.Crew came out with some sharp-looking lighter wash jeans, too.

Fun fact: I don’t own a single pair of jeans. That is all.

ALSO adorable for the spring or any upcoming warm weather travel.

I’ve had a similar belt for YEARS — seriously since I lived in the East Village with Mitch, haha. It recently broke, though, and I’m excited about this one to cinch spring and summer dresses. Hopes are high.

Gingham sneaks.

And in white. (Fun that Factory is making sneakers!)

Including this again, too, since I ordered it. You’ll likely see it on the blog soon!


A replica of that famous pom sweater. So affordable!

And here’s the cardigan.

I always feel cheated out of spring here, since it really doesn’t warm up until June. But last year, I embraced super warm clothing in pastels and I wasn’t miserable! This pastel pink coat is a stunner. :)

This one is, too!

DON’T JUDGE ME. Might get this for Emma’s Easter basket, hahaha.

Everlane is making sneakers! SO EXCITED!

I need this KJP in my life this summer.

And this ruffled button-down is adorable.

I’m very interested in Everlane’s long-sleeved tees as I find myself living in cozy t-shirts this time of the year. (i.e. I’ve given up.)

This quilted jacket!

Apparently these are wildly comfortable. They come in a bunch fo colors.


I need to take a trip. JK I’m never going anywhere ever again.

This denim jacket is adorable!

The sweetest coverup for that trip I’m not taking.

More white sneakers. Sorry guys.

Jack Rogers! They’re killing it.

I’ve been seeing these pants all over the place and adore them.

Paired with this sweater? So sweet for spring.

Love these sailor jeans, too.

Ooh! Might like these even better.

WINNER of today’s post. I’m down with anything smocked, but normally, it’s reserved for little girls and babies, haha. Finally! A top for the big girls!

So comfy and chic.

I live in lacey eyelet-y white tops; they’re my #1 reach when heading out.

Never met a tortoise shoe I didn’t love.

Obsessed with Harbor coverups and this one is my current favorite!

WHY are you so expensive?

Holy moly, Coach. Are you making a comeback?

Really interested in finding a cute chambray shirtdress. this is cute, but not quite it.

Like this more!


My Garmin smartwatch! It’s amazing. After the press trip out to Kansas City, I’ve been even more obsessed with it.

This is the one I might get Emma — maybe for her birthday? She would freak. An Elsa watch!

Garmin carries a ton of running watches, too! One of my goals this year is to start running ONCE PER WEEK. So far, I’ve been on zero runs. It’s fine.

I think this is my favorite design! I love a solid cognac band. So classic.