20 Things I'm Grateful For

Stuart Weitzman Boots (More affordable versions herehere and here) / Hudson Jeans (And love this pair.) / Similar Cape / Pearls / Similar Flannel Gingham Shirt / Emma’s Dress and Bow Coat

^ Kelly recently posted the above photo to Instagram for a campaign, but I couldn’t help but use it in today’s post.

Mitch here!

Surprise! I’m taking over the motherhood series that my wife does with Emily and Shaheen today because Kelly is working on another project and needs some help tonight. Yes, I realize it’s a little weird that I’m writing the motherhood column, but I’ve done it before and god knows I’ll do it again!

Before I start, be sure to check out Emily’s post as well as Shaheen’s post. These two bloggers just so happen to be two of my favorite people, and I look up to both of them as parents. Today, we’re sharing a few things we’re grateful for, in relation to motherhood parenthood. So here we go!

A week from today, you and I (and everyone we know) will pack our bags and travel great distances to eat surprising volumes of turkey and publicly declare thanks. As I tend to lean more heavily on the turkey consumption than the thankfulness thing during my holiday, I thought I’d take this opportunity to get my thanks out of the way.

Any dad will tell you that his “thank-tank” was filled to the brim when he first saw those 10 healthy fingers and 10 healthy toes. But sometimes I think the day-to-day reality of parenthood is lost amongst the struggles that come with sleep deprivation. Today I’m talking about those “everyday thank you’s.” The stuff that makes the Larkins a family. The important stuff, and the stuff I need to remember more.

20 Things I’m Thankful For (& Some Shoutouts)

  1. My hardworking wife, who is furiously composing another big blog post right now.
  2. Emma’s newfound hugging skills and how she now runs across the room to embrace everyone.
  3. My mom, and her willingness to drive six hours round-trip to watch Emma on days when we need some help.
  4. Those surprising moments when I’m invited to spontaneously write “motherhood” blog posts in the middle of the night.
  5. Bourbon.
  6. Pacifier clips. (Honorable mention to the blanket I shoved behind Emma’s changing table which has saved 10,000 toys from oblivion.)
  7. The fact that Moana is on Netflix. (Who needs childcare when Moana is on Netflix?)
  8. My father, for sharing his Netflix password.
  9. The CozyGanoosh Footmuff and the people who named it.
  10. Those “best part of my day moments” when Emma rests her head on my shoulder.
  11. Noodle, for cleaning up after every messy Emma meal.
  12. That Emma has four loving grandparents and five superhuman great-grandparents in her life.
  13. Emma, for not having the words to describe what an awful guitar player I am.
  14. Kelly’s parents, for spending their week off in chilly Chicago in the ruins of our home renovation construction site to be with my little family.
  15. Not sure how to describe this, but special thanks to the Chicagoans who go out of their way everywhere we go to make a funny face at Emma to make her laugh. :)
  16. Danielle and Conor, for giving us a lock-tight excuse to have a date night out at their wedding celebration last weekend. Congrats, guys!!
  17. Emma, for loving pickles, peanuts and cheese sticks. (Literally the easiest snack to prepare)
  18. That random couple who told us that we handled the situation well after Emma fell in New York last month and ended up with a bloody lip. (That kind of stuff matters! It was scary, and that couple made us feel so much better.)
  19. Our neighbors, for never complaining about Emma’s early morning wakeup calls.
  20. Kelly Larkin, for being such a caring, thoughtful, attentive and compassionate mom. I’m not sure how Emma and I get to be so lucky!

Writing that list out felt good. Not as good as a belly full of tryptophan and gravy, but a close second! Obviously I could go on and on about what I’m grateful for. My hope is that this little start gets you thinking, too. What are you thankful for? :) Would love to hear!

Mitch out!

And remember: be sure to check out Emily’s post as well as Shaheen’s post!