sage ks

All right, fabulous fashionistas. I need your help. I am looking for the perfect pair of gold or platinum peep-toe pumps for my bridesmaids, and we have only two months from today to find them! (Less than that, really, since shipping takes a few days!)

Admittedly, I’ve put this off for some time. But so far, I’ve failed miserably. I found  one pair of pumps that I really liked, but they received terrible reviews. (Apparently they’re wildly uncomfortable.)

The above pair of pumps is somewhat the idea, although not perfect. They’re too high (I’m looking for 2-inch or 2.5-inch heels), and they cost a small fortune, too. But you get the picture. ;)

Ideally, the pumps would be:

  • Gold/Platinum
  • Glittery (Not a show-stopper if they’re not, but I love glitz!)
  • Peep-toe
  • 2 to 2.5 inches (And comfortable)
  • D’orsay style (Again, not a show-stopper)
  • Light-colored (The soles, that is)
  • No more than $60 or $70 (It would be great to find them for even less!)

Anyway, no pressure. ;) But if you have a pair–or have recently seen a pair while online shopping–please let me know! Thank you in advance! xoxo