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Hello from my bed. :( I’m supposed to be flying to Dallas right now for a blogging conference (which I wrote about here last year), but I unfortunately came down with some sort of horrific illness that’s rendered me completely useless. I did, however, manage to keep Emma alive and happy yesterday. So that’s something!

I’ll admit that I’m feeling pretty bummed today. I was really looking forward to a fun few days with some of my favorite girls, and I was eager for another dose of inspiration. (I came back last year feeling SO motivated!). But for the first time in a long time, I decided not to push myself to my limit, and instead, actually take care of my body and mind. I think I made the right decision for once.

The ironic thing is that I worked hard this week to make sure content for Thursday through Sunday was completely covered while I was away… So now I’m free and clear to relax and focus on getting better. I’m going to nap during Emma’s naps, go to bed when she goes to bed, take my medicine, and really get to know my couch.

Anyway, yesterday was super rainy here in Chicago. So I gave Mitch a list of my favorite umbrellas of the season. He made this beautiful spread! (Need to be honest for a second: I’m terrible at even simple graphic design, and need to outsource nearly everything, haha. Thank you, MSL!). Usually, I struggle to find cute umbrellas. However, I’m amazed at how many great ones are out there right now. I mean, the gingham one? I KNOW. But I think they’d all brighten a rainy day!


Wish me luck as I struggle through Day 2 of “Being Sick with a Baby.” ;)

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