NSale: What's In My Cart

First, I need to point out my super impressive Photoshop skillz. Don’t you just love how the products get larger and larger as you go down? And man. That randomized spacing; it’s so artistic… and brave.

Anywho, these are the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale products I have in my cart right now. Of course, I will not be checking out until I narrow things down. 😆 I’m a slow shopper. But when I do make up my mind, I fully intend on going the contactless curbside pickup route so I can review everything for readers on Monday or Tuesday. :)

In the meantime, though, please *enter to win $500 to shop the sale.* (It takes 30 seconds and your chances are good, haha.) And here’s what I’m considering:

In my cart

Jeans: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is pretty much the only time I ever invest in designer denim, so I think I’m going to try the Rag & Bone High Waist Skinny Jeans. They look the most versatile! I’ve always wanted to try Wit & Wisdom, so this pair of Ab Solution High Waist Skinny Jeans are in the cart, too. (Under $50!)

Leggings: I’ve heard so many great thinkings about the Zella High Waist “Live In” Leggings, and the price is awesome compared to a pair of Lululemon Align leggings. Will report back! I’m also considering the BlankNYC Faux Suede Leggings, as suede leggings are so hard to find and I’ve always been a big fan of BlankNYC’s fit and price point.

Loungewear: My favorite pandemic-friendly sale tops are from Gibson’s “Cozy” line. They’re crazy soft and, as the name suggests, warm. This twist top is a staple for me, but I’m very interested in the wrap blouse! (And how cute are the jogger pants?) The other top I have my eye on is the Caslon Striped Long-Sleeved T-Shirt. It’s only $15 and looks great under long cardigans. Not 100 percent on this one, but I also think the Soft Knit Midi Dress looks really cozy for September.

Sweaters: I already own a couple of Barefoot Dreams cardigans, which have definitely been my most-worn sweaters this year. But I have this Halogen Cashmere Crewneck Sweater in my cart because you just can’t beat the price for cashmere. I’m also considering this Leith Cozy Long Cardigan in light pink. (Comes in a ton of other colors, too.)

Outerwear: A reader told me that the Madewell Oversized Jean Jacket is ridiculously soft and that she wears it constantly. I love the longer length of it, too, and think it would be great to wear with leggings. (My J.Crew one is pretty short.)

Shoes: I’ve long been a fan of Blondo, famous for its waterproof boots that don’t look it. I’m loving this pair of easy care camel suede booties… and then these, which come in a ton of different colors. (“Sand Suede” looks like it would get the most use, though.) Blondo’s great, though; you can literally jump in puddles, Peppa-style, without worrying about the suede. MAGIC. Great for moms, too. Another pair of shoes I’m considering is the Steve Madden Feather Flats, which come in black and tan as well as leopard. They’re supposed to make you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Socks + Underwear: My only every bras are from the Gap; they’re comfy and affordable, and to be honest, I’ve never wanted to spend the time or energy looking for something else, haha. (Why fix what isn’t broken, right?!) But I’ve been hearing about this Natori Feathers Bra for what seems like forever, and so I added one to the cart. We’ll see! (They apparently run a little small. Going up one cup size is suggested.) And then these Barefoot Dreams Socks are in there, too. My home office can get very chilly in the winter, and my feet are always cold while sitting at my desk. The Ugg socks with the bows are pretty tempting as well. So cute!