Comfy and Affordable Bras + Underwear

This is a bit of an embarrassing post 😂, but I recently replaced all my bras and underwear, and thought I’d share some of my tried-and-true staples since they’re so well-made, comfy and affordable!

Yes, I realize that this stuff is pretty bland. 🙈 It’s super practical, though, and everything holds up. And while I do own a few prettier things (and everything you see here in black as well), this is what I wear and reach for the most!

I’ve been buying my underwear from the Gap for a long time. In New York, my apartment was around the corner from a store, so I think the loyalty started then, haha. But the Gap’s “Love” line has really never let me down! And goodness: the constant sales! I typically get my bras for around $25 or less…which, compared to other retailers’ bras, is such a steal. (Btw: The current sale is 50 percent off everything and an added 10 percent off when you use code “TREAT.”)

Okay! Here are my faves:

Breathe Wireless Bra: This is my everyday bra. While it doesn’t have wiring, I’ve found that it provides the same support. I actually got rid of all my old wire bras once I discovered this one! It’s super soft because of the jersey knit material, and–as the name suggests–it’s breathable. (Great for year-round use, but particularly wonderful during the summer.) Oh, and the edges are very smooth; I can never see it under my tops. Runs TTS.

Live-In Pretty Bralette: This is somehow even softer than the Breathe one; it kind of reminds me of a Lululemon bra with its brushed fabric. Feels WAY more expensive than it actually is! It features “Memory Fit,” so it kind of molds to your body. (I should note that it does seem to flatten out my chest a bit, but I’m past the point of caring at this point, haha. But definitely take that into consideration.) The best part? The Gap says you can “Work in it. Relax in it. Sleep in it.” And I so agree with that! It’s like pajamas for your boobs. 😜 And while it probably wouldn’t provide the kind of support that most women need for workouts, my tiny chest and I have worked out in it and zero complaints from either party. ;) TTS.

Everyday Smooth Multiway Bra: This was the only bra I wore for YEARS… and I wore it without the straps the whole time! (I actually threw them out.) I know. I’m probably crazy. But it’s just so nice never having to worry about straps showing. And for me, it’s always stayed up; I just order one size down in the band and one size up in the cups. (So since I normally wear a 34 A, I go with a 32 B here.) I’m a huge fan. And I feel like it’s the perfect bra for travel, too! If you prefer straps, you can keep ’em on the majority of the time… but if you need to go strapless for an evening or whatever, you can take the straps off and boom! No show.

Breathe Bikini: Favorite pair of underwear. I legitimately own 20 pairs. They’re just so soft, and since they sit lower, they’re uber comfortable. I do, however, think that they run small. I go up one size!

Seamless High Leg Brief: I wear these whenever I’m wearing pants that might show lines. They aren’t as good as thongs, but they’re very good compared to everything else I’ve tried. (Just can’t do thongs. Hate them. Hopefully my father isn’t reading this. 😳) I also order one size up here.

Stretch Cotton High Leg Brief: Out of curiosity, I just ordered some of these to compare to the Seamless High Leg Brief. As far as I can tell, the only differences are that the Stretch Cotton High Leg Briefs are obviously made out of cotton, not nylon (like the Seamless)… and that they might show a bit more since they’re without the lace trim. I do, however, like cotton undies way more than nylon ones… so these have potential! Will report back.

I feel like so many people love Hanky Panky, but do you swear by any products in the undergarment department?! (Sorry Dad. Love ya.)