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Mitch here!

Despite my best efforts, the only real pandemic habit that I’ve stuck with is buying tons of junk on Amazon. So today, as a part of this totally irregular and completely erratic blog series, I present to you the 20 best things I’ve bought on Amazon recently. Enjoy!

Mitchs Recent Amazon Finds

  1. Crib Canopy: I’ll throw money at anything that makes my kids sleep better, and this light-blocking net has resulted in some of the best sleep I’ve had in years. I mean, that Lucy has had in years. Errr, months. This is for Lucy, not me. I’m not the important one here. It’s all about my kids.
  2. Huge Sun-dried Tomatoes Jar: Drying tomatoes in the sun must be incredibly difficult work because the jars they sell at the store are minuscule. Amazon, however, has big freaking SDT jars and I buy them by the case for my wife, who will only eat food if sun-dried tomatoes are in it.
  3. Elements of Style: I bought this book because I’m not the best writer and I want to be better and thought it would teach me to write more gooder. But then some porch pirates stole the book right out from under me, which explains why this post is so awful.
  4. Life Straw: If you follow this blog closely, you know that I’m terrified of the world. I bought these emergency water filters because I don’t want to get parched when the world ends. I should note that I have no idea where they are at the moment.
  5. Nintendo Switch: I’m desperate for Emma to get into video games. So I bought the family this video game system with dreams of family game nights dancing in my head. Of course, Emma is WAY too young, and Kelly had zero interest… and I ended up just playing it by myself… but I’ll take that as a pandemic purchase win!
  6. Ramekin Set: If your kitchen is lacking in ramekins, I’d suggest buying more ramekins. My most recent ramekin restock was particularly great because now I have all these new ramekins to put small amounts of food in whenever the need arises. Which is often. Often is my need for ramekins.
  7. Apple Magic Keyboard: Apple now makes a magnetic keyboard case that turns newer iPads into laptops. Admittedly, I already have a laptop, but an iPad laptop case is pretty tough to resist for guys like me. If you’re wondering, which you’re not, this iPad keyboard case works incredibly well!
  8. Teeth Cleaning Set: I’m not much of a DIYer, but I did buy these at-home dental tools. And let me tell you: watching dental tool tutorials on YouTube is even worse of an idea than it sounds.
  9. Wifi Routers: I have a full blog post on these new routers incoming, but they completely fixed our wifi problem. They’re the best thing I’ve purchased in the past five years… because five years ago I purchased some really great ramekins.
  10. Claw Pot Holders: I gave these to my father-in-law and they won Christmas. I’m wearing them as I type this post.
  11. Brass Faucet: I love this faucet. It’s brass and pretty. But my love for it runs even deeper considering it came from Amazon, saved me a trip to the hardware store, and is currently $185 off!
  12. New iPhone Charger: I’m not proud of it, but I kill my phone battery every day at like 4 pm. These new iPhone chargers can essentially fill a battery in 15 minutes. After using it once, I threw away all our old ones.
  13. KeurigI’m running on an all-caffeine diet at this point, so I’m putting these little Keurigs around the house in case of emergency. Jk. I did give one to Kelly for her office, though, and she loves it.
  14. Kitchen Broom: My job as a parent is to make my kids snacks, watch them throw the snacks on the floor, and then sweep the snacks up. That’s pretty much it. This broom makes parenting 1/3 easier.
  15. Echo Dot Kids: I got this Alexa clock so Emma could follow her remote learning schedule, but instead of looking at the clock, she asks Alexa what time it is over and over and over again. I respect it.
  16. Shop Vac: When the kitchen broom won’t cut it, the shop vac comes out. If the shop vac can’t handle it, I go for the leaf blower. If the leaf blower is unmatched, I ask Kelly to clean it up. And if it’s above Kelly’s head, well, we’ll just move.
  17. Talking Hamster: This is the kind of toy you play with for 15 minutes and then throw against the wall in a blind rage. But my father, father-in-law, and two young daughters adore it. Go figure.
  18. Thinning Sheers: I was ridiculed on the internet the last time Kelly cut my hair. So I bought these sheers in the hopes that she does a better job next time. I’m fragile and I’m not sure I can handle another bad pandemic haircut but here goes nothing.
  19. Electric Skillet: Frying food stinks up the house, so I use this electric skillet outside. Also, being forced to stand in the cold over a steaming vat of bubbling oil really cuts down on my fried food intake.
  20. Portable Ping Pong Net: Perfect para pop-up portable ping pong parties.

Mitch. OUT!