Recent Finds 1/23 | Chicago shirt

Chicago T-Shirt (This is my sweatshirt, btw. It’s amazing!)

Top of the morning to ya!

My in-laws are here today which is SO nice. It’s been a long time since we hung out with anyone, and I apologize in advance to John and Lisa because we’re undoubtedly talking their ears off. 😜 With any hope, we’re also going to be masking/lacing up and heading over to my friend Bradley’s community because they have an outdoor SKATING RINK. Yesterday, the weather was ridiculously cold in Chicago… so fingers crossed that the rink is up and running!

Apologies for how long these posts have been lately. After the girls go to bed, I do a speed clean and then plop myself down in front of the fireplace with my laptop to work on Recent Finds. It’s quiet, relaxing and kind of mindless (compared to the rest of the day). And so I keep doing it… and the post grows larger and larger… 😆

Anyway, let’s get to it!

J.Crew came out with unlined loafers! For the uninitiated, unlined loafers are incredible. They’re made of super soft leather (which means no break-in time), and they mold and bend with your feet. (So no rubbing!) My experience is that they keep my feet a lot warmer, too. I can sometimes get away with wearing them without socks in the spring! This pair is awesome because you can wear no-show socks with ’em.

J.Crew just released a striped henley in their famous Dreamy material! I can’t tell you how much I love the Dreamy line—especially the pajamas. But this henley can be worn as daytime clothing too, which is awesome. I think it’s a must for me!

Really adore this cut of denim. Very soft and comfortable, and I can fit booties underneath. Casual yet chic!


Our Place gave me a code to give you in case you’re interested in purchasing the fabulous Always Pan! (HUGE PAN FAN over here.) Use “KELLYINTHECITY10” to take $10 off your order. Here’s my full review, and here’s a video of me using it!

These look almost identical to our throw pillows that we rotate in and out in our living room. Really cute!

This is our beloved no-scratch Chesterfield. It’s on sale!

This is a favorite throw blanket. My aunt gave me ours when we moved to Chicago!

Do you know about The Tiny Tassel’s Edith dresses? They’re STUNNING. I love the pink gingham!

But the Charleston Rainbow Row print is definitely my favorite. :)

The Laundress is on Amazon?! Who knew?! Highly recommend them for washing wool, silk and other delicates at home.

I know I keep blogging about these hand warmers but they’re that good. I’m so happy I invested in my winter gear this year because it’s making me enjoy the season!

I ended up buying the Balsam Hill Norway Spruce Tree, but this was the other one I considered!


I wanted these so badly this year, haha. Didn’t get ’em. These are cute, though!

Anthropologie’s bow game is strong right now.


Hahaha. I just love this doormat so much.

These are GORGEOUS. I’d really like to get some candlestick holders for nice family dinners, and I think these are perfect?! (Obviously would only use flameless candles with them because I would be too nervous with the girls, but these look fantastic!)

The epitome of cozy.

Finally! Gold Uggs for women! ;)

Would make for a great gift for a Rory-loving friend.

This is the “guest book” that Mitch and I gave Charlie and Shirley for their wedding! At the end of the night, I found Emma drawing on all the leftover hearts—which was pretty funny.

I bought this moose sweater dress this year. It needed to happen.

PACKING CUBES. I actually have some from Lilly, but aren’t these so classic-looking?!


Old Navy has been killin’ it with their little girls’ clothing. Try their Cozy Dress line!

I can’t tell you how much I adore this mirror. The large size is a BEAST, and it literally took six grown men to get it upstairs to the hallway. But it brightens up the space so much. Honestly don’t think I’ve ever been happier with a home purchase!

This cute top is on sale at Madewell.

This one is beautiful! If you zoom in on the material, it’s very detailed!

Madewell makes ballet flats?! Here for those cute heels.

The leopard is particularly cute.

Every girl needs a pair of Madewell jeans. They’re the comfiest I’ve ever tried.

How about this coat?! On sale, too. Love that funnel neck.

More ducks. Sorry, guys.

Quack quack.

The gray Chicago tee! I think it’s sold out at the moment but keep an eye on it.

Favorite Chicago sweatshirt.

Emma got this for Christmas and it’s a HUGE hit. We keep it under our real kitchen sink. Which cracks me up.

Cutest sheets.

I’m decorating for Valentine’s Day this weekend! Of course, had to update the faux flowers.

How is my brain still on Christmas?


I just love wood-turned trees. I have issues.

These are the frames we put up in our hallway. They make such a big impression!

I can’t recommend these enough. They look less like Uggs and more like real shoes—yet they feel like Uggs. Which is important.

Here they are in leopard!

Caitlin Wilson created the perfect pair of pajamas.

GUYS. Thinking about putting these traditional paintings up and down our stairs. So Ralph Lauren-y!

Love this print and think it would look just darling somewhere in Lucy’s room.

THIS! I have a little bit of wallpaper regret now, haha. Would have loved it for Lucy’s bathroom!

Bow sconces. I can’t.

Our picture lights (in the living and dining rooms) are from Restoration Hardware, but these are such a better deal.

One of my favorite no-wrinkle dresses is on sale!

No-wrinkle striped tee on sale.

I’ve had this buffalo plaid gray flannel for years and love it. It’s on sale as well!

STOP. Come on, Summer 2021.

Gorgeous sweater! Perfect for spring/summer.


Again, Madewell wins the denim contest.

Adore this WHOLE LOOK.

Best pair of jeans I added to my wardrobe this year. They work awesome with booties, and just generally make you look like a cool mom. ;)