Recent Amazon Buys

Miraculous Ladybug Costumes: My brother- and sister-in-law sent this to Emma for her birthday, and it was the sweetest! She was thrilled. We got one for her BFF Walker, too, that way they could twin. (The two families quarantined so the girls could celebrate together.) Thank you, John and Sarah! Oh, and if you don’t know what Miraculous Ladybug is, consider yourself lucky and move on. 😜

I find posts about people’s purchases made on Amazon to be very entertaining–probably because there are usually stories behind them. :)

So here are ours from the summer!

Figuring out the girls’ drapes for their bedrooms was a total nightmare. I did it on my own because it was so much more affordable that way, but I do wonder now whether I should have just gone with Calico Corners or something because I made so many mistakes along the way. The most recent mistake I made, haha, was getting rings that got stuck on the adjustable curtain rods. (Had to go adjustable because the windows are very wide.) They’d constantly pop off, and it was infuriating. So I just ordered these rings, hoping that the clips–which will clip on to the backs so you won’t see them–will work better. But we’ll see! (This is Emma’s room, in case you’re wondering what the setup is like!)


Fairy gardens are a big thing with kids these days! (Maybe from Pinkalicious? Not sure. But they’re all the rage.) I bought this but haven’t done it with Emma yet. Want to really build it up beforehand!

Best detangling spray that I’ve tried.

Ran out of shampoo. Went with this. It’s okay.

Amazon typically offers to send clothing from their own brands every month or so, and I usually have to decline because I’m always so behind on life. This month, though, things were a lot calmer so I decided to give them a try. A+ from me! I’ll write a post soon, but they’re extremely comfortable and quite the deal.


Only $10!

I’m sick and tired of panicking right before birthdays. Bought a bunch of birthday wrapping paper and an organizer so I never have to deal with that again! LOOK AT ME!

This was a birthday gift for Emma’s friend.


I can’t remember who recommended this book, but we really liked it. It’s especially helpful in the city as there are so many different types of housing. Emma responded very positively and now is constantly pointing them out and telling us about them when we go on walks. The book really drove home the idea that each one has something awesome to offer!

Everyone is outgrowing their swimsuits. This is a replacement for Lucy! Love this brand. Quality is great.

Got one for Emma and one for Lucy because matching in seersucker and ruffles?! Come on.

Emma is always ripping holes in her clothing. Enough was enough!

These are just okay. Since they’re silicone, I was expected the pops to slide right out, but it’s still kind of a struggle. Fun to do with kids, though! They get really into it. Lucy loves the fruit ones.

Replacement bubble for Emma! (Love that it isn’t offensive-looking, haha.)

These are our favorite snack packs. We could not exist without them.

BUY THIS if you have little kids! It’s been so helpful while teaching morals and values. The series is adorable, too. Would make a fantastic gift.

Bought this to do art projects with Emma. I assumed they would be large pieces of felt but they were TINY. Made me laugh, at least. Fail.

Mitch found a treadmill on Craigslist, and we used these to move it.

Mask filters. Ah, 2020.

Swim bubble for Lucy while we’re at the lake.

Our favorite nighttime diapers. If your kid pees through, these are fantastic.

A boring purchase but an important one.

We ditched the bottles for good! We’ve been using these for years and can’t recommend them more. They don’t leak. We ONLY own these, that way there are no frustrating “I CAN’T FIND THE LID” situations.

I freaked out one night when I couldn’t find any binkies and bought too many of these. Mitch wasn’t happy.

Thought this would work for our weird staircase. It did not. Sent it back.

We’ve been lighting candles and/or sitting around the Solo Stove every night out on the back patio after the girls go to sleep. It’s been lovely. I’m so lucky to have Mitch.

Most of our science experiments involve food coloring these days, and we go through it very quickly.

I can’t drink coffee without chocolate syrup. I mean, I can. But I MUCH prefer chocolate in it, hahaha. Couldn’t find it at our grocery store recently so I Amazon-ed it NO SHAME.

Gave these to Emma and Walker for the birthday weekend. They were junk. But the girls loved them.

This stuff smells very weird.

Lucy is REALLY tough in the car, so I gave her my iPad to watch Sesame Street. Bought this case to protect it and hang it over the headrest. Works well!

The whole family wore these Miraculous Ladybug masks on Emma’s birthday.

The decor for the weekend. Hysterical. Totes Pinterest-able, right?

My friend Barbie taught Emma how to play field hockey, and even gave her a stick! She’s ALL ABOUT IT, and it’s so exciting. I played field hockey when I was in high school, so this is very special for me, too!

We’ve been biking a ton!

I accidentally threw out an important piece of our coffee machine. Killin’ it over here.

This is FANTASTIC. It really helped Emma internalize what’s going on in the world right now. She’s way less fearful, and she wants to talk about it.

Loved this one, too! Very cute.

NOODLE IS A CHANGED DOG. Not sure if you remember this, but Noodle has always hated walks… until this summer. Maybe it’s because she’s getting older and becoming more chill?! I have no idea. But it’s so nice. We use this little bowl when she gets hot. :) We attach it right to the leash.

LAMINATOR! Great for schoolwork.

Didn’t buy a hose for the front of the house when we moved in. Finally did it so we can water the plants and wash off the front stoop. Man. Why does everything take us so long?! We’re the worst. But this hose is awesome. It’s retractable and very easy to use. Very soft, too, haha.

We’re longtime cord-cutters but have been trying to get the basic TV channels with an antenna all summer now. We’ve had some guys out but no one’s been able to do it. I won’t pretend that I actually listened to their explanations, but Mitch is not pleased, haha.

This is the air mattress we use for Emma when our parents come to visit. IT’S GREAT, and only $27! The pump is inside it and plugs right into the wall, so you never have to worry about losing it. Mind = blown.

Replaced the wheel legs on our chairs because they were damaging the floors. Very fun.

I have a lot of leftover wallpaper. Thrilling, I know.

Just over here organizing one closet at a time…

The girls’ hangers.

I have terrible allergies this summer. My dad recommend these and they work so well. No more itchy eyes and very cheap!

We’ve been really good about doing bath time at 6:30 every night. Previously we were doing baths in the morning because we didn’t have the energy at night, but wow. Nighttime bath time really provides structure. Everyone winds down, and the girls are way happier going to sleep, too. Anyway, this is what I use to detangle their hair since I can’t seem to find the Johnson & Johnson stuff anymore. Works just as well and Emma loves Dory!