Amazon Daily Ritual review

$28 Daily Ritual Dress from Amazon / $10.05 V-Neck Version / View Entire *Supersoft* Daily Ritual Line Here! / Market Tote / Similar Sandals (Also love these, these and these.)


This is a huge discovery for me. 😜 (And maybe you?) An Amazon-owned brand called Daily Ritual carries the best basics. Most of them are made of this super-soft terry or this cozy knit material, and frankly, the quality feels like they should be $100 or more. But they somehow range from ~$10 – $28.


So it’s official: I’m an obsessive Daily Ritual fan girl.

I honestly can’t get over it. Amazon offers to send some Daily Ritual pieces to review on the blog pretty often, which is so much fun. (Very lucky!) But as much as I’d love to accept, I’ve always had to decline because I’m a complete mess of a human and I’m perpetually behind. 💁 I’ve tried so hard this year to become less of a mess, though, and after attempting to pull myself together for many months, I could finally say yes in August.

EXCITEMENT! (Though I’m sure the Amazon people are like, “What is this girl’s deal?” 😆)

Casual basics make me really excited these days; Like most, I’ve embraced simplicity and comfort in 2020, and I’m so much happier. (On the wardrobe front, at least.) Give me a great t-shirt dress, some cute sandals or sneakers, and a dash of makeup… and I’m one smiley girl because I’m able to get ready in 15 minutes and little things like that make me feel good.

I’m totally kicking myself that I only recently discovered the magic of Daily Ritual, because wow: the brand is phenomenal. Again, it embraces super-soft terry and cozy knit materials, and everything is oh-so-snuggly yet can also be worn in the summer.

I selected the dress you see above in both the stripe and gray as well as its v-neck counterpart in the stripe, and while I acknowledge that I’m basic, I’m also totally in love. ;) Word to the wise: The dresses are generous, so don’t size up. I like my dresses looser, yet I still needed to go down one.

Definitely a TRY! I promise you’ll love the brand. Just as nice as Gibson’s Cozy line but for a fraction of the price. I’m personally going to live in it this fall!