10 Things 8/31

Backsplash / Riviera Stools / Lucy’s Seat (Clearly needs a cleaning.) / Kohler Faucet / Quartz Countertops / Hydrangeas on Countertop / Lanterns / Cabinet Color: Benjamin Moore Ivory White / Breville Coffee Machine c/o / June Oven c/o

I’m really on a roll with the “10 Things” posts! 😆 I feel like my mind has been all over the place lately, so thank you for for reading what randomly comes to mind when I sit down at the computer late-night.

  • I Murphy Oil-Soaped our kitchen island cabinets and WHOA. There’s so much muck that accumulates on our cabinets; I’m not sure what the girls are doing but they seem to enjoy smearing peanut butter and spilling mysterious liquids down them above all other activities. I clean the cabinets a lot, but they’re never perfect and the grossness bums me out, haha. Recently, though, I Amazoned myself a bunch of Murphy’s Oil Soap–remembering that it was in my house growing up–and Friends. It works so well. The island looks just as good as it did on move-in day. It totally brought the thing back to life. I always thought of oil soap as a grandma thing, but woo, it’s magic.
  • I started using a postcard app and it’s changing my life. Do you guys remember Apple Cards? It was awesome. It was an app that allowed you to upload a photo and automatically send a greeting card to someone for something like $4. Mitch and I used it constantly to send snail mail to friends and family. And when Apple got rid of it, we were SO bummed. The other day, we were talking about how much we missed it, and realized that there had to be a new app that since come out. And sure enough, there are a bunch of them! I went with TouchNote because it had the highest number of revives, and so far, I love it. I immediately sent one to Grammie and it was SO easy. I’m going to do a longer post on this soon, but I highly recommend trying it. Such a thoughtful way to keep in touch–especially if your kids can’t see their grandparents right now! (Btw: It’s $3.60 per card including the stamp if you don’t sign up for a plan. I hate plans, haha, but there is the option to pay for the year, and that gives you 6 cards per month–$1.66 per card, including the stamp, compared to $3.60.)
  • Emma celebrated birthdays with a couple of friends and it was the BEST. There are a couple of families that we’ve become close with through Emma’s school, and it’s been really hard not seeing them. The kids miss each other; the adults miss each other. And we miss doing things together. Last weekend, though, we had two very safe mini birthday celebrations for two of the girls, and it lifted everyone’s spirits so much. (Side note: At one of the parties, Emma learned how to play field hockey… and she loved it! Like, really loved it. Which was wild to us because she has hated the idea of playing a sport for the longest time. I’m definitely signing her up for field hockey camp once this is all over! I played field hockey in high school so all of this is extra special to me. I was terrible, just to let you know. 😜)
  • Our garage is a disaster. I can’t. It’s absurd. Right now, it’s serving as storage for Mitch’s business, and there are boxes everywhere… and because it’s crammed, stuff no longer gets put in its place and it feels like the whole thing is filled with junk. We’re hoping to tackle the problem this week or next. Anyone else’s garage get totally out of control this year?!
  • Please consider donating to two-year-old Margot’s fundraiser for Lurie Children’s Hospital. As you may remember, our friends Danielle and Conor’s daughter was diagnosed with leukemia back in the spring. Margot is doing really well, but it’s been an incredibly difficult and trying year for the Scanlons. (They also just welcomed a new baby girl, Kate, into the family!) Danielle started a fundraiser for Lurie Children’s Hospital where Margot is being treated, and we would be so grateful if you considered donating! Every little bit helps. :)
  • My phone recently sat at the bottom of the lake for 20 minutes and it’s FINE! This is a true story. I went into the lake with my jeans on because Lucy was desperate to get in–and since she never wants to get in, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity while changing into my suit! Of course, I forgot that my phone was in my back pocket, and it fell out and I didn’t realize that it was gone for a solid 20-25 minutes. Once I did realize, I went back in and fished it out (#miracle)… and it was absolutely fine. CRAZY, no?! Hahaha. Much like my garage, I’m a disaster. Earlier this year, I left my phone on top of the car and then drove away. Didn’t end so well that time.
  • I’m so happy with my new Natori Feather Bras. They’re so, so good. Friends have been raving about these for the longest time, but I was always reluctant because paying nearly $70 for a bra seemed ridiculous to me. They’re included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year, though, and I picked up a couple for only $39.90. Still pricey, but figured they were worth a try. Spoiler: Best bra ever, and worth it. (Maybe not worth it at $68, but $39.90 feels fair.) I love how gorgeous and comfy they are. Just be sure to go up one cup size.
  • Our friends told us they’re pregnant and we’re SO EXCITED. The world needs some good news right now, no?! They used to be Chicagoans but now live in Denver, and I can’t wait to get out there next year! My friend Blair also just moved to Denver so that makes the future trip even sweeter. Congratulations, Dan and Laura! We’re so happy for you. Welcome to life’s greatest adventure. :)
  • Lucy’s favorite song right now is “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” and it’s hysterical. She goes nuts, swinging her arms back and forth and shaking her head. Recorded it and will probably play it at her high school or college graduation, haha. Lucy, you’re a riot and we love you so much!
  • This $28 t-shirt dress is amazing. It’s so soft. And what a great deal! Size down.
  • I’m organizing my closet and it’s bringing me joy. I love going through it at the end of the season and determining what I love and what I can part with. It’s very freeing, especially with my line of work! Of course, it gets worse before it gets better but worth it. ;)