Above Normal Eggs farm | Mitch Please: 10 Things 9/9

Mitch here!

This is a picture I took at Above Normal Eggs while I was literally farming. Well, I was standing there while my dad was farming.

Full disclosure: I wasn’t doing anything helpful and spent most of my time taking pictures of the sunset and getting in the way. But I was on a farm and that counts for something!

Here are 10 other things that come to mind this week:

  • I just ordered 10 pounds of Miracle Grow. I’m not sure why I talk about gardening so much in this column. I have about eight square feet of garden space and most if it is filled with plastic plants. But today I dug up my summer impatiens and replaced them with fall mums and then I absolutely drowned that stuff in Miracle Grow. I’m talking about like four times too much Miracle Grow. That’s my method. I take things to extremes. Just wait. You’re about to see the most jacked mums on the block.
  • I got new running shorts. Now, I realize this might not be a big deal for you to be reading about on the internet, but it’s a big deal for me. I’ve been running in the same pair of running shorts since 2008 when I found them on clearance at Old Navy in Manhattan. Old Navy hasn’t carried them since. I know because I’ve been looking for over a decade. But, good news! Amazon has these new Amazon Basics running shorts and they mean basic in a good way. They measure up, too. So now I guess I have one less excuse to avoid exercising.
  • Shout out to Trader Joe’s and their incredible line of frozen Indian food. I’m obsessed. I can’t cook and when I shared my makeshift Indian food recipe with our friend good friend Shaheen, she lovingly laughed in my face. So I’ll stick with frozen meals for now.
  • I stain Kelly’s stools day after day. Kelly puts incredible effort into designing and furnishing our home. She spent hours researching and selecting the perfect stools for our newly painted kitchen and I adore them. The only problem is I adore Indian food more, and I’ve stained these stools like eight times. What’s worse is that my children NEVER stain the stools. Only me. I’m so ashamed!
  • I’m in the throws of two year’s worth of business taxes and spreadsheets… and I’m just sick of it. Sorry, it’s boring me to even write this paragraph complaining about how boring and tedious doing taxes is. I can’t stand it.
  • I don’t golf, but I’m going on a golf trip. While I’m probably the least likely dude in America to go on a golf trip, Kelly’s dad and brothers graciously invited me on their next one so here I go. Bizarely, the trip is to Biloxi, Mississippi which is the exact same spot that I took my family over Spring Break. I honestly can’t wait. But if you’re anywhere near Biloxi in late November, you might want to look over your shoulder. FORE!
  • “Aerial America” is the best show on television. Each episode is a different aerial tour of American states, cities and national parks and, yes, it’s exactly as magnificent as it sounds. (Have I talked about this before on the blog? Probably…) It’s like taking a little vacation for an hour without the 12-hour drive, crappy hotel and continental breakfast. I even watched the Illinois episode.
  • I stopped drinking sparkling water and now I’m just bored. Sparkling water isn’t bad or anything, I just got obsessed, and like anything else I get obsessed with, I had to let it go. At my peak, I was drinking a case of the stuff every day. Sparkling water isn’t the hardest thing to quit—pro tip: just stop buying it—but now I’m drinking still water like a sucker.
  • Coconut oil is a better popcorn topping than butter. It just is.
  • Why isn’t anybody talking about “Love Life” on HBO? It’s got a huge star (Anna Kendrick), cool New York City setting, young love plot—the whole thing! It’s really good. Did I miss something? Or did everyone else watch it and just not tell me? Is this thing on?

Mitch. OUT!