Best Of: Lilly Pulitzer Sale

Lilly Pulitzer White Elsa Top (First time I’ve ever seen it go on sale!) / Jack Rogers Sandals / Longchamp Tote

Hey, guys! The Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale begins today and runs through tomorrow (Tuesday, September 14th) at 11:59 pm EST.

Here are my favorites:

In my opinion, this is the best product from the sale! It’s the silk Elsa Top, and I’ve never seen the white—the best basic—get discounted. Great opportunity! The above photo was taken in 2014 or 2015, haha, but I now wear it tucked into jeans/pants and skirts. It’s extremely versatile and soft—and it’s awesome for travel. Highly recommend! (Sizing: TTS. My Elsa Tops are a size Small, which is what I normally wear in tops. Meant to be flowy!)

As you’ll see in this post, I’m really into basics and solids right now. (It seems like a lot of people are right now! After that simpler life.) Anyway, Lilly actually has a ton of them—pieces that’ll stand the test of time. Here’s a really cute LBD that you’ll get a ton of wear out of, year-round!

Beautiful white dress for special occasions… or weekend date nights. :)

Lilly specializes in swing dresses. Huge fan of them because they hang perfectly and are flattering on nearly everyone. (Really great for postpartum, too, in case we have any new moms reading!)

This is beautiful! I actually feel like this would be an amazing wedding dress for a casual wedding?!

Super-soft material. I’ve tried this one on!

LOVE the Jane Shift. I’ve owned many over the years. Again, just perfectly flowy and flattering on most body types. You can zip it down a little, too.

SO wish this one wasn’t sold out!

But here it is in white. :) That ruffle neck!

A classic black sweater with a little detailing on the sleeves to make it special.

So many lovely white dresses for 2021/2022 brides and ladies with other special occasions!

Everyone needs a white puffer vest.

The sleeves on this dress are darling.


Mom, I feel like you might need this!

Great basic leggings. Love the high-rise.

I now own zero clutches; I find them to be so impractical, even when I’m sans kids. Crossbody bags for the win!

These are adorable. I wear leopard flats and slides all fall/winter.

PERFECT for the holidays! I’m always freezing, and this would be great to throw over a party dress.

For morning bike rides. ;)

No, I’m not in vacation mode right now, but this dress is getting me into that mode. Mitch, should be book something? Ha. But how cute?!

Oooh. The Elsa Top in leopard?!

I have this in dress form! It’s SO soft and warm. Highly recommend.

One of my all-time favorite cuts. It’s amazingly swingy and lightweight.

Definitely my favorite dress from the sale!

Another great basic! Blue striped oxfords will always be classics.

I wore this dress in Florida a couple of years ago and received so many compliments! Emma loved the turtles.

Lacy white tops = My weakness

Very into strappy tanks paired with jeans right now.

Lacy white dresses are also my weakness. ;)

Would look really cute with over-the-knee boots!

Doesn’t this look like a Chanel?!

Another year-round timeless dress.

YES. This is a must. Pairs with everything!

I have this cover-up at my parents’ house in Ocean City, and I think my mom owns it, too!

Holiday pumps!

Easy breezy beautiful.

…but remember: winter is coming.

I’m getting punchy. ;)

Another great black tank option. This one is reversible and comes in tons of colors. It’s also wrinkle-resistant, making it an ideal travel piece.

Classic Lilly shift!

One of the girls’ favorite dresses. Emma says it’s wonderfully comfy!

They wore these over Christmas last year. They thought they were Elsa dresses. Too cute!