SO EXCITING! Did you see Emma on the back of the most recent Vineyard Vines catalog? Here’s the original blog post. Shop all Shep Shirts here, and here’s my hat!

Edit: I forgot to include my little “updates” section! Added; see below!

Hi Friends!

As you know, Mitch is away for the weekend and I’m flying solo here with Emma and Noodle. It’s a little more challenging than usual, but we’re having a great “Girls’ Weekend,” and we have some plans to hang out with friends. (Meaning, said friends will keep up company and take care of us out of the goodness of their hearts.) And we’re totes cleaning the house. It’s a disaster!

In other news, yesterday’s post didn’t go up until late last night, so in case you missed it, here it is. :) And a VERY happy 30th birthday to my brother, Patrick. Love you so much and can’t wait for Memorial Day Weekend!

Oh, and I feel so badly for all the leaves right now. ;)

Anyway, here’s this week’s “Life Lately” post!


I’m not sure whether I’ve talked about this on the blog, but I’ve seriously lost about half my hair since having Emma. I was determined not to let it get me down in the beginning, but now that it’s starting to grow back, I’m feeling worse than ever about it. I know; it’s growing back. But half of my hair is only two inches long, and it looks pretty awful. Any moms out there who’ve found success with certain vitamins/supplements? I have a few things I’m going to pick up on the pharmacy this week, but I’d love to hear your experience if you’ve been through something similar. UGH. Why can’t Jess just donate like an eighth of her hair to me… ;)


Emma and I are flying solo this weekend! I love my little girl so much. The big updates are that she’s SO CLOSE to crawling, and that I swear she’s going to say “hi” any day now. She just turned nine months this past week, and I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. Like everyone told me, it just goes by so quickly…


Mitch is in New York City this week with his students, and I’m pretty bummed. I miss him so much, and I just wish that the three of us were roaming around Chicago this weekend. I need a family weekend like WHOA. Luckily, we’re staying put next weekend, so that’ll be good! I’ve also been thinking about pulling back the reigns on the blog for a while. WHOA–snuck that in there, didn’t I? But I’m feeling uninspired, and pulling back has always helped with that in the past. We’ll see!


My brother, Patrick, turned 30 on Friday! He and Kim celebrated by going to see Ryan Adams in Philadelphia, and I can’t tell you how much I wanted to be there. I wish I’d booked flights so I could’ve gone! #regrets — Anyone want to go see him in Milwaukee with me in July?! Patrick?!


One of my best friends from back East just had her baby, and I CANNOT WAIT to meet the little guy! Eeee! Cutest EVER! SO happy for you guys. <3


I finally ordered the artwork for the master bedroom, and it’s supposed to arrive this week. Which means final reveal soon! Good lord, guys. It’s taken me two years.


I can’t handle the weather anymore. It’s 40 degrees in May. And from what I can see on the iPhone weather app, it’s not warming up anytime soon. Boo to you, Chicago! Mitch, maybe we should book another vacay? ;)

And with that…

Bow Mules are now available in white! / Favorite Everyday Jeans / Navy Trench / Old J.Crew Shirt / KJP Phone Case

Girls’ Day! Okay. Every day is Girls’ Day. And we love it.

Did you catch this recent post? I can’t get over how amazing the new KJP collection is!

It’s been raining non-stop in Chicago and I’m over it! We need some warmth! And don’t worry. I always strap her in. I just took this photo really quickly and then buckled her up. :)

I did a really fun post about Trunk Club this past week. Before working with the brand, I kiiiind of knew what they were all about, but not really. Read the post; It’s the coolest thing!

Hanging out with Grandma at Cindy’s. Only a few more weeks until we’re all together again on the Shore!

It’s somehow been five years since Mitch proposed! This is how we met; this is the proposal story.

We transitioned Emma out of her Sleep Suit a few weeks ago, and this thing has been a lifesaver! I’m writing this at night and Emma’s currently IN it, but I’ll include it in next week’s “Favorite Baby Products” post. :) FINALLY getting around to posting that, as I now feel like I can actually speak to the stuff we use!

Selfies with Arin!

We need to vacuum. AND GET OUR LIVES TOGETHER. ;)

Brunch with Jenn and Monica Vinader at NoMI Chicago. Emma came! Here’s the little recap.

The rain let up for a hot second and we went on an adventure.

Cindy’s with Daddy!

The boys at Cindy’s. Danny, you’re looking super happy here, haha!

Blair trying to teach me how to do yoga. Here’s what I’m wearing: Cutout Leggings (Also available here and here. Love these, these and these, too! And omg hydrangea leggings!) / Striped Tank / Similar sneakers here and here / Quilted Tote (And how cute is the backpack and yoga mat carrier?!)

Cheers to the weekend, guys!