Kiel James Patrick Gingham Dress, Custom Tote Bag, Personalized Leather Phone CaseAnchor Bracelet and Dog Bandana c/o / Jack Rogers Sandals / Vineyard Vines Hat c/o (Also love this hat and this hat!) / Old Belt, but how cute is this one?!

Okay, we’re one day late. But the rain has finally subsided, and suddenly, it’s May! Before I know it, my toes will be in the sand, and I’ll be doing everything in my power to discourage Emma from eating said sand, haha. I can’t wait for everything the month has in store for us. Trips to the lake, backyard parties, and flights back to the East Coast scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend have all been scheduled… and, of course, there’s new warm-weather clothing to be worn. ;)

This year, a lot of my favorites are from Kiel James Patrick. If you haven’t heard of the Rhode Island-based company yet, let me introduce you. It’s the preppiest, classiest brand under the sun, and everything KJP carries–from the clothing, accessories and shoes to the bracelets, jewelry and pet stuff–reminds me of summers on Nantucket and my college days at Fairfield. (My senior year house was in the sand!) #takemebACK — to both eras. ;) But really: the attention to detail is phenomenal, the craftsmanship is off the charts, and the originality is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Like, how can a single company get me so well?! A navy gingham dress with a scalloped collar and a matching bandana for Noodle and a monogrammed anchor bracelet and a ginger jar leather phone case and a custom painted tote with hydrangeas coming out of wellington boots?!

iiiiiii know!

I think the best part about Kiel James Patrick is that it’s timeless. While I totally would have worn and carried my KJP gear throughout high school, college and my 20s, it’s also perfect for my 30s… and beyond. (How cute would Cathy in the Country look in this dress?!) It’s what’s always drawn me to preppy, classic styles: the fact that a 15-year-old sweater, for example, can look just as stylish as it did the day I bought it. It’s polished yet easy.

Anyway, here’s a look at a few of my favorites from the new Kiel James Patrick collection, as well as some adorable photos of Emma and Noodle. :)

Gingham Scalloped Collar Dress: First of all, it wasn’t wrinkled at ALL when it came out of the box. I also had to wash it almost immediately–baby problems, oy–and it dried SO well on its own! (Gotta love a dress that doesn’t require a half hour of ironing… right?!) And like I said, that scalloped collar. Adorable! (It’s also available in green, white and stripes, and there’s a shirt version, too. I’m all about this one!)

Leather Phone Case: BAH! The most perfect phone case in the history of the world, and that’s coming from a girl who once had a phone case with 50 photos of Noodle all over it. Guys, I love it so much that I’m already worried about what I’m going to do in a couple of years when I break or lose my phone and there are only iPhone 8’s available. Kiel James Patrick, promise you’ll make these forever, okay?! (Also love this one, and Mitch says this one is the best one for guys! He LOVES marine life if you recall this blog post.)

Anchor Bracelet: Truth: I’ve wanted a KJP anchor bracelet for the longest time, and I was SO excited when this one arrived in the mail. While I love Lake Michigan, I’ll always be a Beach Girl. I grew up on the beach and got married on the beach, after all! ;) And this bracelet will always remind me of home.

Noodle’s Bandana: DYING, guys. I probably should’ve folded it one extra time–I always forget how tiny little Noodle is–but I adore it on her. I can’t wait to “borrow it” and tie it around my straw tote. (Did I just say that out loud?)

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Kiel James Patrick Gingham Dress, Tote Bag, Personalized Leather Phone CaseAnchor Bracelet and Dog Bandana c/o / Jack Rogers Sandals / Vineyard Vines Hat c/o (Also love this hat and this hat!) / Old Belt, but how cute is this one?!