Lately with Mitch, 2/24

Marled Beach Sweater / Newer Version of my Beach Pants / Lacoste Hat (Smaller alligator version here.) / Emma’s Bathing Suit / Sunglasses

Mitch here!

Lately with Mitch is a thing now. Don’t fight it. From this moment forward, Lately with Mitch will sporadically appear upon this blog as if it was planned. It’s really beyond us at this point. Let it go.

Luckily, I’ve been doing stuff. And by stuff, I don’t mean just chasing a toddler who’s chasing a dachshund who’s recently stolen a favorite stuffed monkey.

I mean stuff!


Let’s do a little experiment. Close your eyes and think about the word “Illinois.” Just really dwell on that word. Illinois. What do you see? How do you feel? I’m actively writing this post and my mind is blank. This might be an effective relaxation technique, actually. I should open a meditation franchise called “Think about Illinois.”

Thank god for Florida. Florida is like Illinois’ escape key. I went to Florida twice when I was a kid and I remember the vacations like they were trips to Mars. Lizards crawling all over the place? Giant mice? The freakin’ ocean?

Florida still exists and it’s exactly as I remember it. More to come on this.

The flight

Emma can fly. I mean, this girl is an airline veteran.

  • Cab to the airport? Carseat in the cab. No problem.
  • Security line? Emma makes friends with the TSA and straight up walks through the metal detectors.
  • Boarding? She actually makes it easier for the whole family. Family Boarding up in this.
  • Lap baby? The little cuddler nestles in and cruises the country in style. Never underestimate the power of “Mary Poppins” on a cell phone.

While the rest of us embraced Florida like it was the fountain of youth, Emma unfortunately never squashed her cold. On our very last day there, her runny nose became a cough, which turned into a fever and resulted in steaming pile of puke all over me 20 minutes into the flight home.

I love my family and I like to travel, but the smell of fast food french fries in a cold Prius with a screaming sick toddler covered in six-hour-old puke will forever haunt me.

(Kelly just told me that we talked a bit too much about vomit on the blog this week. Oops. I should probably start reading the posts we publish.)

Being home again

Oh what joy it is to come home after a trip. The house smells strangely familiar, I have fizzy water in the fridge, the wifi works and my toothbrush is where it always is. Oh what joy!

But the best part of coming home is the Noodle reuniting. It’s the same every time. She tweaks, she pees, and then 30 seconds in, she acts like we were never apart. Noodle is a weird dog.

Listen. My dog is annoying. But when I’m away from her I get so sad! Okay, I love my dog. The best part of coming home was being reunited with Noodle. There. I said it.

So… Lately with Mitch just happened. Did it work for you? It’s Saturday so who cares, right?! Anyway, I’m formally requesting a little help with this this thing. SOS! Please leave suggestions in the comments below and god have mercy on us all.

Mitch. Out!