LAST DAY: Best-Selling Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale Products - Kelly in the City


Burberry Jacket / Kids’ Burberry Jacket / Penny Loafer / Chambray Shirt / Skinny Jeans

Hi Friends! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. :)

I had to move around some of my blog posts on account of some scheduling issues, but I’m comin’ at you in real time with 20 best-selling products from the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale, which ends TODAY! I mentioned this last week, but I recently discovered how easy it is to track what my readers are clicking on and buying, and I thought it would be fun to share that info with you! (Side note: See ALL my picks from the Half-Yearly Sale here.)

So here’s what YOU have loved from the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale:

Every girl needs a woven tote for the summer, and a navy striped woven tote is apparently up everyone’s alley. ;) You guys make me proud!

An everyday bag that holds a LOT. Fantastic for commuting.

YES. Guys. So glad to see that you like the faux leather leggings as much as I do! These won’t be on sale come fall when you really need them, so snatch ’em up now!

A classic black wrap dress that you’ll have forever. Good choice, Friends.

This intrigues me but I’m digging it, haha. I don’t own any ripped jeans but maybe I SHOULD?!

Another great staple for the summer. Love the slightly raise heel, and the fact that there’s more padding now.

Another great jacket for the fall. Ralph Lauren quilted jackets are some of my favorite, and this one is timeless.

Great pair of walkin’ shoes! Love those stripes; think they’d pair great with a black blouse for date night.

A classic denim jacket. I wear mine CONSTANTLY.

Be prepared to get a zillion “cute jacket!” comments when you wear this thing. ;)

I lived in my trench coat this past spring. I have the London Fog version (double breasted here), but the 1901 one is great, too… and on sale!

I love this! Trying to wear some shorter dresses every now and again.

Another staple that I wear year-round. I love tucking it into skirts or pairing it with jeans. I size up two sizes for these, btw, for a more casual (slightly oversized) look.

Navy gingham maxi dresses are really hard to find. I look for them often, haha.


Love those scallops.

I love anything with a bow on the back, and I love that you do, too.

White skinnies for an amazing price.

Jack Rogers rain boots! Love that they look like the L.L.Bean duck boots yet they have that little bit of iconic Jack Rogers stitching around the shoelace holes. :)

Another great dress that you’ll wear year-round!