Noodle in the City Purina-21

Wearing: Lands’ End Booties and Striped Top (Also love this one and this one!) c/o / Vineyard Vines Scarf c/o / Hudson Jeans c/o

Last night, Mandi and I took Noodle and Harriett to Trebes Park for some exercise and to snap some photos. Trebes, ironically enough, is my favorite green space in Lincoln Park. It’s smack-dab in the middle of our neighborhood, it’s always bustling, and visiting has been a great way to meet new people. Everyone is so friendly there. There’s just something about the park that draws people (and dogs!) together.

I mean, how cute is Noodle’s little fan club in these pics? Hysterical.

But let’s get to the point of this post. ;)

This year, Purina is celebrating Thanksgiving and its support of the National Dog Show with #DogThanking, a program designed to ask dog lovers (like me!) to share why they’re thankful for their four-legged best friend. When you share an original photo–tagging @Purina, using the hashtag #DogThanking, and explaining why you’re thankful for your dog–on your social media accounts, Purina will donate one dollar to the AKC Canine Health Foundation (up to $50,000) to keep our pets healthy. Such a great cause; please share your photos! :)

Noodle, I know that I recently went pretty in depth in this blog post about why I adore you so much, but today I want to thank you specifically for loving me unconditionally. Even though I’m far from perfect, you act like I’m god’s gift to the world–and I appreciate that, haha. (Confidence booster, hello!) Your kisses, snuggles and butt wiggles have taught me so much about the importance of love, and I love you beyond measure.

A big thank you goes out to Mandi for taking my pics!
Note: A few of these photos were taken at Wrightwood Park. ;)

Noodle in the City Purina-49
Noodle in the City Purina-7
Noodle in the City Purina-14
Noodle in the City Purina-45
Noodle in the City Purina-5
Noodle in the City Purina-10
Noodle in the City Purina-17
Noodle in the City Purina-2
Noodle in the City Purina-51
Noodle in the City Purina-40
Noodle in the City Purina-27
Noodle in the City Purina-35
Noodle in the City Purina-19
Noodle in the City Purina-25
Noodle in the City Purina-31
Noodle in the City Purina-33