2022 Gift Guide for Him

Espresso Machine / Sous Vide Precision Cooker / Sonos Speaker / Yeti Mug / Moccasin Slippers / Massage Gun / Solo Stove / Yeti Cooler / Meta Quest 2 / iRobot Roomba Vacuum / Sherpa Jacket / AirTags / AirPods / Leather Wallet

Guys can sometimes be tough to shop for, so I’ve gathered a few gifts that have been big hits in the past or that I know Mitch already owns and loves to share in case you also struggle with shopping for the guys in your life. Here is my 2022 Gift Guide for Him.

Espresso Machine: The perfect gift for the coffee enthusiast. This espresso machine is an investment, but it’s incredible.

Sous Vide Precision Cooker: A great gift for any cook. Pair it with the Sous Vide Sinker (which is Mitch’s invention), and you’re set.

Sonos Speaker: This wireless speaker is not only weatherproof but drop-resistant, and the sound quality is incredible.

Yeti Mug: Keeps your coffee hot for hours on end. It’s magic.

Moccasin Slippers: These slippers are wonderfully soft.

Massage Gun: It’s the best gift for really anyone from an athlete to a dad.

Solo Stove: Mitch is a BIG FAN of his solo stove. You can read his full review on it here.

Yeti Cooler: You can never go wrong with a Yeti cooler.

Meta Quest 2: This virtual reality headset is a great gift for the guy who loves playing video games.

iRobot Roomba Vacuum: We love ours – there’s nothing better than waking up to clean floors.

Sherpa Jacket: This is Mitch’s favorite jacket. He always gets a lot of compliments and questions about it from strangers, so I think it would be a hit with anyone you buy it for! It’s also part of the consciously created Amazon Aware line.

AirTags: For the guy who can never find his wallet or keys or the frequent traveler that wants to know if their luggage made it on the plane.

AirPods: If you’re in doubt about what to get, the new generation of AirPods is a practical gift he’ll use almost every day.

Leather Wallet: Or get him a wallet; his is most likely on its last leg.