Gingham Clutch (Also love the leopard version and the metallic version!) / Scalloped Dress / Stuart Weitzman Navy Boots c/o (Black here)

Scallops are such a weakness for me. There are scallops on my clothing, scallops on my bedsheets, scallops on my dishware and scallops on my little girl’s outfits. Scallops everywhere, guys.

But here’s the thing: a good scallop is hard to find. (See what a did there? Any other English majors in the house?!) So today, I’m rounding up some of my favorite scalloped products that–unlike my scalloped dress that I wore last weekend to Shaheen’s baby shower in Louisville which is selling out quickly–are available right now. (Though it’s restocked every once in a while! Check out the rest of English Factory here. I’m obsessed.)

Scroll down to view my scalloped favorites in an easy-to-shop format, or read my ridiculous commentary here:

THE BEST OF THE LIST. Regular J.Crew made one last year, but it was silk and dry-clean only. (No bueno!) This one is machine-washable, way more affordable, and a staple. I might own three. Thank you, J.Crew Factory!

When I saw this dress, it was love at first sight. Apparently, a lot of other girls felt the same way, though. ;) But Shopbop is regularly restocking as returns come in, so check back frequently! I’m wearing a size small, for reference.

I recently ordered this scalloped bathing suit for LA, and I’m so excited about it. Love that one-piece bathing suits come into style right when I enter motherhood. Woo! You can also find it here.

So many great scalloped skirts out there right now. This is my fave, but this is a classic. (As is this one! And this one.) Love this cutout version, this sweet bow-adorned one, and this flowy one. (In blush here.)

Hello, most perfect trench coat ever. Like, really. There’s a Club Monaco pretty close to our house, and I’m worried about the damage I’m going to do after having seen this. Will. Not. Go. In… (And here’s the blazer.)

I don’t do shorts. But if you do, how cute is this?!

These are the shoes I’m wearing with my bridesmaid dress (eeee!) for Jess‘ wedding. I love them SO much. They’re comfortable and I won’t sink into the grass. (She’s getting married in the woods outside of Portland. I KNOW. It’s going to be incredible and I’m going to sob the whole time.) I also love the brown pair, but I’m not a lunatic.

Such a gorgeous dress. And look at those scalloped sleeves!

You can’t go wrong with a basic scalloped tee.

As soon as the weather improves, you’re going to find me in these scalloped navy leggings. I’m also thinking about getting a jogging stroller. DON’T LAUGH. I might do it.

The sleeves on this one! I struggle with dresses during spring in Chicago, but sleeved numbers help a lot.

I love everything about this coat, except for the price tag. Seriously, though. It’s outrageous.

I feel like I’ve blogged about these scalloped lace-up flats a few times, but they’re awesome if you live somewhere warm and can wear ’em with skirts. (HOW do you wear lace-up shoes with jeans?! Not possible? Confused…)

A scalloped leather jacket. Never though I’d see the day…

And love this jacket, too. Feel like it kind of looks like a Chanel, no?! (Here’s the matching skirt.)

Really into red shoes right now, as I think they look darling with navy stripes in the spring. (Did I just say “darling”? Hi, Grammie. You’re rubbing off on me and I LOVE it.)

Lilly’s navy scalloped skirt. Take me to the Shore!

Don’t these look like the designer ones?! Ahhh! Why don’t they have a heeled version?

This is my other bathing suit for LA. Looks so much like the Marysia ones, doesn’t it?!

A go-to scalloped dress. I have this one, which is currently on sale, and I also adore this one.

A classic scalloped crewneck sweater, perfect for all seasons.