favorite burberry products

Hudson Jeans

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! I totally intended on sharing photos today, but I apparently took one THOUSAND, haha, and it’s going to take me some time to go through ’em. ;) So more to come; it was the most magical day for our little Queen Elsa, who somehow used her powers to make it snow! (Oy. 😂)

Anyway, in lieu of Halloween photos, here are my five favorite Burberry products–stuff that you’ll have forever!

Hands down, this is my most-worn scarf. I almost think it’s silly that I own any other scarves because this is the one I reach for nine times out of 10. It’s so soft and it goes with everything. Instantly classes up a look yet keeps you warm! (Something girls really need here in Chicago.) I have the classic camel one, but I would LOVE the pink or the stone one. Like, one day. ;)

A classic I’ve owned for years that’ll be in my closet for the long haul. It’s just never going to go out of style! I love that when you cuff the sleeves, it reveals some of that timeless Burberry tartan. In terms of sizing, I’d say it runs a little small. I went up one size! So many other quilted Burberry options here.

This are a bit hard to find, but if you can locate them in your size, grab ’em! Aren’t they gorgeous?! And they’re not THAT much more expensive than Hunters are. (I mean, yes. They’re pricey. But you get that iconic plaid in your life for FAR less than anything else with Burberry’s iconic print would cost you.) You can also find the boots at Bloomingdales, SaksNeimans, Zappos, and Ruelala.

Every girl can dream, right? I actually just don’t think you can beat London Fog’s single- or double-breasted trench coat since they’re SO WARM. But I’ve never tried a Burberry trench before. If you have experience, please weigh in! (I hear you can purchase liners in-store?! Do they make the trenches significantly warmer?!)

I have a different tote, but I use mine all the time… year-round! Again, it’s timeless. I love that I can carry it with both black and brown/navy looks. Just always looks good.

Bonus! Haha… I don’t have a Burberry wallet but this would be a *great* (very generous!) gift for your partner or spouse.