10 Things 4/1 lucy room

Canopy Bed / Armoire / Trunk / Boll & Branch Bedding / Nearly Identical Rug / Framebridge Frames / Boden Dress

The excitement is palpable.

  • It’s SPRING BREAK! And we’re going to Tulum for the first week! This is the most spur-of-the-moment thing we’ve ever done, haha, but I got a TravelZoo e-mail and booked a stay at a kid-friendly resort with a little waterpark. We just want some warmth and sunshine. Can’t wait! No idea what we’re going to do with the girls for the second week of break, though. Ha! Wish us luck.
  • My Aunt Michelle and my parents were here this last weekend! I put together a post of some of my favorite photos and stories from the trip, but it really was such a memorable one.
  • I think “Shrinking” is my favorite television show ever. If you’re a fan of feel-good Ted Lasso-style vibes, watch this! It’s so uplifting. I look forward to it every week, and I go to bed feeling good about the world. And who could use a bit of that?

  • I’m obsessed with Sezane. I’ve always loved the brand, but this striped sweater really brought me into the obsession stage. It’s so gorgeous, and made from the nicest and comfiest cotton. I’m really tempted to buy it on other colors! Linking some other favorites from Sezane above.
  • The girls’ grandparents recently took them to see a play, and now they want to go to the theater more often. They went to see Cinderella down in Bloomington. They had the best time! I was so impressed that Lucy made it all the way through, as she’s only three and it was a long show. Thank you, John and Lisa!
  • I finally had my hair done. After a disastrous highlight job back in May or June, I decided to hold off as long as humanly possible to let my hair recover. But the grays were getting to me. ;) I went into Trianon to see Tara this past week, and I’m so much happier! It’s very natural-looking but is much brighter- and warmer-feeling.
  • These are the best dark-wash skinny jeans. Seriously! Soft and comfy dark-wash jeans are hard to find. It’s the rinse. But these are magical, and they’re a lot more affordable than other luxury brands. They run totally true to side. You can thank me later!
  • I learned how to make a travel guide on the blog and the pride I feel would make you think I mastered trigonometry. Many thanks to my web designer who walked me through the whole thing. I’d been putting this off for years and I’m so excited that I’m finally working on my first one: Rosemary Beach!
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  • One Home Project Every Day:
    • I cleaned out the fridge and it’s never been so organized! I’m really proud, haha. I aim to wipe it down every month, but you know: it’s not exactly always high on the priority list. If you’re looking to organize yours, I highly recommend the Rubbermaid Brilliance line. We’ve been using them for a few years now and they’ve totally transformed how we shop, cook and eat.
    • I “meal planned” all lunches for the week. I love meal planning. But I have an on-again, off-again relationship with it. Though I really think we’re better when we’re together. 😉 I made single serving lunches for myself, and a ton of school lunches for the girls. (Mitch eats a salad every day so I couldn’t really do that ahead of time.) Anyway,  it really reduces stress during the most chaotic time of the day: school day mornings.
    • I tidied the dollhouse and loved every minute of it. I will say that this is the best kids’ toy investment we’ve ever made. (Though my parents did give Emma a PBK play kitchen, which still remains the girls’ most play-with!) They use the dollhouse with Barbies and a combination of Maileg furniture and handmade furniture from this awesome Ukranian carpenter. Emma and Lucy can’t get enough, and love that it’s not an eyesore, as most Barbie dream houses tend to be!
    • I prepped the second basement closet for painting and wallpapering. It’s totally empty and waiting for some TLC. I can’t wait! (Though this will probably be something I start after our trip.)
    • I created a Christmas decor storage area above our bedroom closet. We had all our Christmas decor in that closet, so it needed to be relocated. Luckily we have a huge storage space above our bedroom closet that was going totally unused. Requires a latter to access, but hey: Christmas comes but once a year. ;)
    • I ordered wallpaper for Lucy’s bathroom and Secret Hideout #2. It took me SO long to decide on wallpaper for Emma’s room, but roughly a day for these projects! Maybe because they’re a lot smaller and less daunting. Very excited to share my choices with you, though!
    • Mitch sold more junk from the garage on Facebook Marketplace. The garage is a constant battle. It’s the nature of our businesses, but I’m legit embarrassed when friends and family see it. 😆 And it seems like no matter how hard I work at it, it’s back to a state of disarray within a couple of months. HALP!