HAPPY WAY DAY, GUYS. Posting this a little late in the day (I mean, night 🤣) because this roundup took me for. ev. er. The Larkin family loves Wayfair and we always look forward to when Way Day comes around! Basically, from now until Monday, a TON of stuff on Wayfair is up to 80% off. Plus, you get free shipping on everything! It’s just the best. I spent a while scrolling what felt like thousands of pages and put together a pretty comprehensive roundup: two collages, plus five organized carousels!

Upholstered Sofa ($800+ off!) / Upholstered Chair Set of 4 ($105 each!) / Scalloped Lamp ($35!) / Wood Coffee Table (67% off!) / Wicker Sconce (68% off!) / Cane Chair Set of 2 / Brass Flush Mount / Checked Rug (up to 63% off!) / Indoor-Outdoor Rug (up to 80% off!)

Upholstered Sofa: This is what I mean, guys—I can’t believe this sofa is almost 50% off (actually, I can, because it’s Way Day BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN). I LOVE the velvets it comes in but the neutral linens are so pretty too.

Upholstered Chair Set of 4: What in the Ballard Designs is this dupe?! 😂 The price is seriously amazing—$105 per chair, instead of like, $1,000 per chair haha.

Scalloped Lamp: This lamp is too cute—practically made for a little girl’s room! There are SEVEN base colors, plus two sizes.

Wood Coffee Table: Another crazy Way Day deal: 67% off! You would never know it’s a lift-top with hidden storage.

Wicker Sconce: Ugh, I love sconces so much. And wicker. And 68% off!

Cane Chair Set of 2: These chairs come in two wood tones, have cane backs, and have such awesome reviews. Not bad for $150 each.

Brass Flush Mount: Lighting can be SO expensive but this is definitely not. This flush mount comes in three other metals but surprisingly, brass is the cheapest! Great for a closet or entry.

Checked Rug: This rug is FAMOUS on Instagram and it’s crazy that it’s up to 63% off. Every size is in stock right now but I wouldn’t be surprised if some sell out over the weekend!

Indoor-Outdoor Rug: UP TO 80% OFF. Indoor-outdoor rugs are the BEST when you have kids! Stains? They don’t know them. 😉 I love how the stock photo has this styled!

Woven Stool (62% off!) / Neutral Rug ($160 for 8×10!) / Floral Rug / Brass Mirror / Cane Desk Chair (65% off!) / Wood Dining Table / Peel-and-Stick Grasscloth (10 colors!) / Leather Chesterfield Sofa ($900+ off!)

Woven Stool: These totally give my Serena & Lily backless stools a run for their money. In fact, the top three reviews mention them! For 62% off, they’re a NO-BRAINER.

Neutral Rug: $160 for an 8×10 rug is UNHEARD OF. And it’s a great neutral palette—dare I say it reminds me of the rug in our bedroom? This is an awesome choice for a rental or if you already know your kids will destroy whatever rug you buy anyway. 😂

Floral Rug: You already KNOW how much I love Rifle Paper Co. Someone, anyone, please buy this for a nursery! (BTW, I linked other RP rugs down below!)

Brass Mirror: Anthropologie who?! I’m obsessed with their famous Primrose mirror but if I didn’t already have it, I’d probably get this one.

Cane Desk Chair: Another cane back chair! For 65% off! What can I say? I like what I like. 😉

Wood Dining Table: This isn’t our exact dining table, but it’s super, super, SUPER close (and from the same brand). If you were looking for something darker than our pine, scoop this up now!

Peel-and-Stick Grasscloth: I’ve seen A TON of influencers post about this peel-and-stick grasscloth wallpaper from Society Social—I had no idea it was on Wayfair! All 10 colors are so freaking good, you guys.

Leather Chesterfield Sofa: Our Chesterfield sofa from Birch Lane is unscratchable, which you probably know if you’ve been here for a bit because I love to talk about it. The exactly one isn’t available right now but this is a very, VERY close dupe.





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