In lieu of a fashion post, today I’m sharing photos from our wedding ceremony which took place a little more than a month ago. (Courtesy of Hello Gorgeous Photography.) I’m doing this mainly because I’m currently wearing cutoff shorts, a ratty t-shirt and a bandana. ;) (#movingprobs) But I also really love reliving this day!

If all goes well today (and we do, in fact, finish packing), Mitch and I are headed about an hour south of the city tonight for a fun dinner party with some of my very best friends from high school. The following morning, we’re driving to upstate New York for Darby and Jason’s wedding (Eeeeeee! I love you, Darbs!), and on Sunday, we’re headed to Fairfield County, Connecticut to hang out with my best friends from college and their wonderful husbands. It’s going to be a very fun few days. :)

Hope everyone has an amazing Labor Day weekend! <3