Valentines Day Gifts for Her

This was so much fun to put together. Here are a few lovey things that are sure to brighten your spirits—or the spirits of some lucky women in your life—this month! ♥️

Cream Button Fleece: This is my friend Anna’s fleece pullover! So cozy, right? (Anna owns Shop One Third, which is a female-founded, Chicago-based small business that carries jackets under $200. They do small drops to prevent waste in the fashion industry, and they’re amazing!)

Cream Single Heart Sweatshirt: I adore House of Shan. A love the message behind Shannon’s heart products, and a portion of the proceeds go to Betsy’s Blankets (run by Haley), which Mitch is getting involved with through his company! Both excellent women to support.

Dachshund Mug: I mean, come on. This is a must.

Dachshund Pillow: And if your husband has banned you from acquiring any additional mugs, the print does come in a pillow form. Sadly, Mitch has banned me from any additional pillows as well, haha. Sadness.

Navy and Pink Heart Skirt: LILLY. Well done.

Heart Dinnerware: This is just the cutest. I am planning a Valentine’s Day celebration for our little family and these would be perfect.

Bebe It’s Cold Outside Mug: HAHAHA. Are there any other “Schitt’s Creek” fans out there? If you haven’t watched it already, the first few episodes were pretty insufferable to me. But then the characters start to improve as people, and you start to care for them. And that’s when things get hilarious. (And heartwarming!) Please watch it. It’ll make the rest of your quarantine; I promise! (And Moira Rose? She kills me.)

White Cobble Hill Tunic Fleece: The best part of this Dudley is that it covers your butt… meaning that you can wear leggings with it. (Truth: I don’t think I’ve changed out of my leggings this month. Maybe once or twice, but I’m in full-on comfort mode over here.)

“Love is Love” Sweater: This is perfection! And would be great for Pride, too. Which I’m assuming it was created for, but multifunctional!

Gray Heart Turtleneck Fleece: IN LOVE. I just wish it came in little girls’ sizes, too.

Pink Rechargeable Hand Warmers: Just bought these for my morning walks with Lucy. Really easy to charge because they work with normal Apple chargers. I’ve yet to use them but headed out with them tomorrow to test. Will report back!

Wide-Rib Light Pink Sweater: J.Crew always. Forever and ever. Love, Kelly.

Cream Heart Pom Cardigan: You’ve probably seen this all over Pinterest and for good reason! Love that it works for so many people’s styles. And yes, it comes in little girls’ sizes, too!

Pink Heart Pom Sweater: I might like this one even more.

Gray and Fuzzy Pink Hearts Sweater: Okay, yes. This gift guide is really just a ton of heart sweaters. It’s fine.

Dachshund Loafers: No, wait! More dachshund stuff. Talbots, you also get an A+ for Valentine’s Day.

Dachshund Striped Shirt: Noooooooodle.

Dachshund Socks: Matching Noodle socks.

Heart Face Mask: One day, we’ll look back on all our masks, and it’ll be weird. For now, though, I’m loving this one.

Gray Sweatshirt with Single Red Heart: Another Talbots find!

Swirling Heart Socks: For all those leggings-and-sweatshirt/sweater looks I know you’re sporting, too.

Pink Hearts Soft Terry Crewneck Sweater: Terry sweaters and sweatshirts are the absolute best. If you zoom in on this one, it looks exceptionally soft.

Fair Isle Sweater: This is from Old Navy but doesn’t it look $200+?!

“Love You Mom” Pears: I love wood-carved figurines. Have been collecting them for years. This would make for a sweet gift!

Initial Necklace: Mark & Graham makes my favorite initial necklaces. I have another one with the “E” and “L” initials but think this one is really stunning.

Small Heart Jewelry Box: To keep the necklace in. ;)

Red Monogrammed Crossbody: One of my most-used bags! Gives any outfit a solid pop of color.

Pink Crossbody: This one holds a bit more.

No-Itch Supersoft Hat: GET THIS. It’s only $37 and you’ll never have an itchy head again. I don’t leave home without mine these days.

“Feathers” Bra: I switched to this bra last year and I’m never looking back! You don’t even feel it. It’s amazingly comfortable… and pretty!

Chicago Mug: Favorite mug! When things are particularly gray here, it reminds me that enduring the winter is always worth it. Chicago will shine again soon; winter only lasts so long!

Chicago Sweatshirt: Definitely my favorite sweatshirt. Runs slightly small so keep that in mind!

Align Leggings: All-time favorite leggings. Though if you’re looking for a deal, the AE/aerie version is like 90 percent as good. Tried them out to confirm and I was shocked by their quality and comfort!