Recent Finds, 1/15

Dachshund Mug / Desk / Chair / Diamond Jute Rug / Gray Malin Print / Lemon Wallpaper / Curtains / Lamp / Editorial Calendar on Floor / Chandelier / iMac

I just want to say thank you to everyone who reached out about how important it is to buy a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. It really didn’t occur to me that it could make that much of a difference, but apparently it DOES, haha. Thank you! And while I’m a little sad about going faux indoors, I feel like we’ve been making real progress every year with simplifying and thus enjoying the holidays more… and this decision will certainly help.

(Note: We still plan on supporting tree farmers and local stands. I think we’ll simply get a real tree for the outside of the house. We had a faux one outside this year, so I suppose that we’re just switching things around!)

This is the tree we settled on! I liked the look of it best, and it’s—hallelujah—lit and ready to go. Excited to see how we like it when it arrives. (Might even put it together and then store it upright in the garage.) Thanks, Friends!

Anyway, today’s Recent Finds has a ton of finds, haha. I was mindlessly doing it while watching “The Queen’s Gambit” with Mitch the other night and all of a sudden it was quite long. ;)

Here it is in all its glory! Our ceilings are around 9 feet so I went with the 7.5-footer. Do we think that’s about right?! Mitch always wants a giant tree but I’m assuming that the stand will raise it up a little. Whatever. What’s done is done, haha!

These are herringbone! I’ve been living in leggings, and I’m not feeling guilty about it; January is a recovery month for me and I’m loving this very slow-paced lifestyle I have right now. It’s a good change of pace! But love that these could kind of look a bit more like pants. ;)

I cannot tell you how badly I wish that these were in stock. These lined with fleece and—I think?!—supposed to be the warmest on the market. Please, bring them back!

Heart skirt!

I love Sorel’s new puffy boots in green!

I’m going to keep highlighting my favorite masks every week because we’re not through this thing yet and I don’t want us to lose steam!


Wouldn’t this be an adorable gift for a friend who lives far away?

WOW! This is a Target find. Such a good deal and looks like it’s so much more.

The herringbone jacket is back. I REPEAT: It’s back. It won’t be back for long, though.

Old Navy’s warmest jeans in black. (They’re apparently a game-changer!)

We have these trees in green. They’re not available anymore, but their gold sisters are… and they’re on sale! So beautiful; definitely my favorite holiday decor that we own.

Cute Amazon find!

We replaced Emma’s bedding with this nearly identical-looking duvet and it’s stunning. I was very nervous about it, but it’s such good quality.

Such a cute houndstooth coat.

I so wish we had a wall for it. Never have I been so in love with a piece of furniture!

Everyone needs a chunky throw.

Okay, fair warning: I’m about to bring you on a Christmas decor sale trip. But we’ll return to normalcy within six or so products. :)

We have an almost identical pillow that says “JOY” on it, and it’s a favorite! This one is so cute, and the sale price is fantastic.

I love faux poinsettias! We put them down our front stoop this year, but indoor ones bring a lot of cheer and color to a space, too.

We bought these a few years ago, but Pottery Barn always brings them back. they’re

This is just perfection.

If a duvet cover is a bit too much for you, though, you can add a nice touch of Stewart plaid with this decorative pillow.

Love this one!

Okay, we’re back from the trip. We put these out during the summer months and they’re beautiful. The sale price is fantastic.

I’m a sucker for a great buffet. Of course, I have nowhere to put one, but gosh. This one is perfection!

This jacket is made of the same Nulu fabric that the famous Align leggings are.

Nulu bra.

It’s a tad early to be thinking about Saint Patrick’s Day… but if you regretted not having something super warm and green last year, now’s the time to pounce!

FUR MITTENS! (On sale.)

These are beautiful. Though I would need to do battery-powered candles because real ones dripping stresses me out.

So expensive but so good. (With a white tee under.)

Cute gift for your teacher friend or family member.

This is from Walmart!

Ditto. The sale price is crazy. It’s so soft! Highly recommend.

And these C.Wonder gloves are such a steal. ($12 last time I checked!)

Banana Republic’s sale right now is awesome. I have this sweater—wore it for a campaign during the holidays—and it’s a keeper. So comfy.

The softness factor is high here.

Cardigan version!

Love this simple sweater dress.

LLBean boots on sale! This pair is exceptionally warm. Probably the warmest pair of boots I own!

The classic navy pair. More of a fall or spring boot.

We recently purchased this for our hallway. I love the industrial feel!

A Target find. So gorgeous!

We’re not buying this, haha, but the restaurant across the street from us has these set up with space heaters inside—this exact one!—and they’re crazy warm. And that’s saying something in Chicago!

This would be an awesome fall/holiday/winter wreath to leave up for a while!


Well, this is a must for Valentine’s Day. So cute!

I forgot to get this up on the blog in 2020, but it was one of my favorite 2020 purchases! It’s coming back in and out of stock; grab it if you see it in your size!

Tucked into dark jeans? Love it.