This Weeks Amazon Faves

I have some great Amazon finds this week, many of which are on sale! My idea is to do this regularly, and put them in their own folder in my Amazon Storefront. Here’s what I’m loving right now:

Colorblock Sweater (on sale): I’m wearing it as I type this! It’s great. To be honest, I’ve had it in my cart on and off throughout the last two years, haha, but finally decided to pull the trigger this fall and couldn’t be happier with the purchase. (Especially because I got it on sale!) I got it in a size small, and it’s a little oversized but meant to be that way. Very soft and cozy; zero itch!

Cane Boxes (on sale): Wow! These are constantly selling out, and never on sale. We have them in our living room and in my office. They’re beautiful! (Funny story: The one in my office is stuffed full of Liberty Barbie clothing which I’m giving the girls for Christmas. 😆) 

Disinfecting Wipes Dispenser (on sale): Okay, yes. I’m insane. But we always have disinfecting wipes on the countertop, and they look very ugly—especially the ones we usually buy, which are from Aldi. But behold! This thing fixes everything. Sparks joy, that’s for sure.

Super Comfy Girls’ Mary Janes: These are the best. So easy to get on, and ridiculously comfortable. The girls have them in black for school and special occasions, and in brown for cute fall outfits. Can’t beat the price point, either!

Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash Pumps (on sale): We have these in every bathroom, and follow a strict rule that we only have one shampoo, one conditioner, and one body wash out. It’s so calming; a great way to start the day instead of fumbling with nearly empty bottles and freaking out because you’re out of a product and drenched and going to flood the bathroom while trying to locate shampoo. Love that these are translucent so I always know when I’m going to need to refill!

$6.99 LCD Kids’ Drawing Pad: If you have kids, please buy this right now. (And apply the coupon so it comes to $6.99.) It is my girls’ favorite “travel toy.” We bring them to restaurants, on planes, on road trips—anywhere, really. No mess, and they provide hours of entertainment and they never run out of batteries. This is my favorite one because its “pen” is attached and can’t get lost. I also only buy them in black that way there are no fights over colors. ;) 

Warm + Cozy Mug: This is a great mug, and makes me happy during these chilly fall days! And I know it’ll continue to do so as I embrace that hygge lifestyle throughout the winter. (Btw: There are a few different versions. The pumpkin spice one makes my basic heart happy, too. Ha.)

Oversized Cable Sweater: I haven’t received this yet, but you’ll see it on the blog soon! Couldn’t help myself. It’s reportedly oversized, so I would size down.

Men’s Sherpa Shirt Jacket: Mitch’s favorite. He wore it all last fall/winter/spring—with shorts, of course—and he just ordered the green one to mix things up. 😜 He gets a lot of compliments and questions about it from strangers, so I guess it’s a hit! It’s also part of the consciously created Amazon Aware line.

Floral Pillow (on sale): I think this would look just darling in a little girl’s room!

Affordable + Comfy Loafers: I don’t own these but I own a similar style and love ’em. They’re only $23!

Scalloped Frames (on sale): Restocked and on sale! These things are hotcakes. And for good reason! They’re definitely my favorite frames we have in our home. Though I really need to get myself to Walgreens and print a freakin’ 5×7 photo. Sheesh.

That’s all for now!