Deals of the Day

Some great deals today to share. Use code “OFFER” to take $15 off your first order. Second-time customers, use code “HELLO10” to take $10 off. (Prices and codes good for 48 hours!)

  • Olaplex is on sale! It doesn’t happen very often, so this is a great time to take advantage, especially of #3, which I use on a weekly basis. Coat your hair in it, leave on for 20 minutes (or longer), and then rinse out for repaired, silky hair. Great for girls with damaged or dry locks!
  • SUCH a great deal on a Dyson! I will never forget how much dirt ours pulled up when it first arrived. And we’d just vacuumed with our old machine! CRAZY. Changed my life, haha.
  • T3 on sale. Fantastic hair tools. The curling wand is AMAZING. I use it on days when I don’t wash my hair, and totally revives it!
  • Barefoot Dreams cardigan, 57 percent off. I keep a BD cardigan on the back of my desk chair at all times. Softest, coziest cardigans of all time—and they look really chic, too! The hype checks out.

Deals of the Day T3 curling wand

  • This is the best curling wand I’ve ever owned. (Btw: Wand is best for waves, and curling iron is best for curls.) It holds a wave so well, yet doesn’t damage my hair. It’s also exceptionally easy to use! Think professional styling within only a few minutes. The barrel it comes with makes the tightest waves. (Though they’re not Shirley Temple tight.)
  • If you want a different barrel for looser waves, I would recommend buying the base by itself, and then the barrel by itself.
  • This is the 1″ barrel. It’s my most-used of the barrels I own, and the most popular among my friends! Perfect, loose waves. (But I’ve linked all individual barrels, too.)
  • I did go for the full set years ago when buying my first T3 wand because I just wasn’t sure which barrel was best for me. I ended up loving the 1″ the most, though I do sometimes use the 1.5″. I use the 1.25″ – 0.75″ tapered barrel on the girls’ hair since they don’t have much to work with!