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Today I’m sharing a very important cause as well as the softest, sweetest clothing line that supports it.

As the country is facing a crisis in pediatric mental health, the Children’s Service Board (CSB)—a fundraising board for Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago—is dedicated to spreading awareness and supporting mental health care at Lurie’s.

The hospital’s inpatient psychiatry unit is working at full capacity, and the outpatient psychiatric services have seen a 30-percent increase since 2020.

CSB’s current initiative is to shine a light on the mental health crisis and raise $2 million for the Pritzker Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health at Lurie Children’s.

There are three ways to support the cause:

In terms of the “Show Your Shine” line, it’s wonderfully soft. Emma—a total ham, as evidenced by these photos—said “SO COZY!” the moment she put her sweatshirt on, and I had to agree; mine is astonishingly soft and cozy, too. (And how sweet is the “show your shine” embroidered by the collar? Emma adores that.)

Noodle is also very happy with her new collar as she’s very low to the ground. (Her collars take a beating. 😆) And then there’s Mitch, who’s ridiculously picky with his t-shirts. He loved his. Again, so soft.

The tote bag and pouch will get tons of use this year as well. The girls are going to be in 45-minute activities several times per week after school, and we like to keep their gear in individual totes that way we don’t have to constantly pack and unpack. Emma’s already claimed the “show your shine” tote for dance!

Oh, and we can’t forget Lucy, who looks like a miniature boxer in her getup. She chose the socks. 😉

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Stitch Monograms CSB Show Your Shine
Stitch Monograms Show Your Shine sweatshirt
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Adult Sweatshirt / Children’s Sweatshirt / Men’s T-Shirt / Dog Collar / Tote Bag / Pouch / Socks