Recent Finds 8/21

Favorite Summer Dress / Dooney & Bourke Bag / Similar Sandals / Bedroom Details

Happy Friday!

Here’s what caught my eye, style-wise, this week:

I mentioned this on social media, but Telfar launched a 24-Hour Bag Security Program this past Wednesday. AMAZING. The demand for Telfar bags has been through the roof, and because of this, people (and bots) were starting to buy them up and resell them at higher prices. (Whenever there were restocks, they’d sell out in minutes.) Not okay! So Telfar, which is 100-percent self-financed, made every bag “available” for one day that way everyone who wanted one could get a bag and support the company by buying direct. For 24 hours, customers could choose from all colors and sizes, and now the bags are going into production. Production takes roughly 6 months, so customers will receive their bags sometime during December 2020 or January 2021. Hopefully we’ll also receive a vaccine sometime around then, too. ;)

Nordstrom put together an Anniversary Sale bestsellers collection, and it’s very helpful. So many of the most popular products are fully in stock, too!

Our Chicago friend Jasmine recently went full-time with her business and we’re so proud of her. I remember years ago sitting down with her to talk about her blog and her business ideas, and NOW SHE’S HERE. Her journey is inspiring and I can’t wait to see what she does next!

This week’s Recent Finds:

Roadtripper Jeans are my favorite jeans of all time. Took me a while to find a cut that I love, but I’m all in for life, haha. I love this new pair of black Roadtrippers!

Here are the Roadtrippers in a distressed style; perfect for pandemic life.

The Frances Loafer now comes in a skimmer flat! (So comfy.)

LOVE THIS SO MUCH. All about the crossbody bags these days so I can have quick access to things like my phone, mask and keys while I’m pushing the stroller.

Love everything in this cozy material! Such a find.

Sleeveless turtlenecks are so great for the transition from summer to fall.

A ruffled Liberty top. Sorry for featuring this all the time but SO CUTE.

On crazy sale.


SAME! (This one is so good; I have it in three colors!)

One of my all-time favorite pairs of jeans. So soft. They run a little big but I took my regular size.

Isn’t this gorgeous?!

And this one?!

YES. The Align tank (which I believe is also a bra) has been restocked. Favorite sports bra ever. It’s ridiculously soft and comfy and perfect for loungey days. (Which is every day, I suppose.)

Align leggings in an awesome new gray.

Remember: The Zella “Live In” Leggings are part of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, and they’re SUCH a deal. Far more structured and warm… they pull you in and have that awesome compression factor. I went up one size.

My brother-in-law’s very small + socially distant outdoor wedding is in October, and I’m on the hunt for the perfect dress that’ll keep me warmish because I’m a huge baby, haha. This was only $36 so I figured I’d try it! Velvet is my favorite for weddings during chillier months. :) Looks fancy but also feels like you’re wearing a blanket!

This is my go-to dress. I’ve had it for a few years and will likely fall back on it. :) I’m wearing it here.

This is the other dress I’m going to try. May totally be too boring, though, haha. We’ll see!

STILL SWOONING over the new patterns that my favorite dress now comes in.

I finally ordered some Andie swimsuits! This is the first.

This is the second. Fingers crossed that one of them works! Here’s my original post on Andie vs. Summersalt.

Looking to replace your old t-shirts? These are all included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and are between $11-$15.




Love this alternative to the flag sweater. :)

Hydrangea masks!

great PJs that are part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

And this top. Love a solid basic.

Lilly’s Luxletic leggings also knock it out of the park. I always go up one size.

Lilly masks!

One of my favorite Lilly dresses. I’ve had mine for years. :)

A cute button-down.