Off-the-shoulder shirt

Hello from Kentucky! I’m here for Shaheen’s baby shower, and having such a great time. (Also escaping the cold. It’s freezing in Chicago!) I’m actually writing this from my phone, so I’ll keep this short and sweet as breaking the blog is a big concern for me, haha… but here are a few items from around the web that I have my eye on! ;) What are you guys up to this weekend?!

Favorite purchase for spring! I picked up this navy top a few days ago, and I’m obsessed. You can also buy it directly from J.Crew!

I adore this blue-and-white striped dress from Vineyard Vines. I need to remember that I’m going to be in LA for one week. ONE week. Ha!

Every girl needs a shirt dress for spring, and this is my pick!

A cute little gingham number! Too short for me, but you younger gals could (and should!) definitely rock it!

Love that the necklace is built into this one. ;)

Yellow raincoats sell out quickly every spring, and this is my fave. Also love this one and this one. (THE STRIPES!)

If I went to important meetings, I’d totally go for this flutter sleeve navy dress. But more often than not, I’m covered in baby goo… so… ;)

I picked up these pants recently, since I’m not a huge fan of wearing dresses in the spring in Chicago. (TOO COLD!) Aren’t they adorable?! J.Crew has a great version, too!

Also picked up this ruffled gingham top because… like… how could I not?

I know I already blogged about this clutch but it’s perfect, so here it is again. I have the leopard version and it’s pretty much the only bag I bring out with me at night!

A cute gingham robe. Okay, I’m stopping with the gingham…

Just kidding. I can’t be stopped. Emma shall be wearing this little coat in LA!

I KNOW! They’re to die for. Won’t they look awesome with white skinnies and a blue top? Dying.