MZ Wallace Navy Striped Tote

MZ Wallace Navy Striped Tote: This is my go-to travel bag, which isn’t technically a baby bag but totally works as one. It’s awesome. Very squishy so it fits in tight spaces and doubles as a pillow! And now it comes in STRIPES! Trying hard to resist…

We have a nice long weekend ahead of us: my parents, my in-laws and my Grammie are all coming to stay and spend time with the girls. I know I keep on saying this, but I’m so grateful for our new home and the fact that it can house our friends and families. We’ve lived without space for the longest time… and being so far from the people we love, the extra square footage has made a big difference. Of course, I’m sure it has something to do with Lucy’s arrival and the fact that it’s (finally) no longer snowing here. ;) But people are visiting us! And we don’t go into full-blown panic mode–wondering how we’re going to accomodate everyone–when trips are planned. It’s wonderful. Again, so grateful. <3

Anyway, I’m pretty proud of myself for lining up content through Tuesday so I can have fun and hopefully get some sleep, too. First up is “Recent Finds,” and I have a ton of good ones!

Olay Sun Face Sunscreen + Shine Control with SPF 35

Olay Sun Face Sunscreen + Shine Control with SPF 35

I don’t feature a ton of beauty products in “Recent Finds,” but I need to start doing so! One of my favorite partners, Olay, sent me Sun Face Sunscreen + Shine Control with SPF 35 a few months ago, and I LOVE IT. When I think of sunscreen, I often think “heavy,” “greasy” and “shiny” — because a lot of it out there is! But Olay’s product is designed to blend into your skin, leaving it smooth and matte: something I’ve never been able to achieve with other products. And working it into your morning routine is a great way to make sure you’re protected year-round (regardless of the season or environment). I’ve been wearing the light, oil-free lotion under my makeup as a primer, and it works astonishingly well! It goes without saying that I’m never going back to the greasy stuff. :)

This post is sponsored by Olay.

Striped Dress

Striped Dress

This one’s been in my cart for a while! I’m such a huge fan of shirt dresses, and I love this take on the traditional wardrobe staple.

Everlane Day Crossover Sandal

Everlane Day Crossover Sandal

These are apparently the COMFIEST sandals of the season. I love them in white!


Le Labo Rose 31 Perfume

Le Labo Rose 31 Perfume

I’m obsessed with “Rose 31” by Le Labo, and I finally splurged and bought a tiny thing of perfume. I hear it lasts forever, and let’s hope so, haha. But I’ve never loved a scent this much! The next time you’re in Nordstrom, definitely give it a sniff. I’m obsessed.

Charlotte Tilbury Mascara

Charlotte Tilbury Mascara

I bought this a couple of years ago and the results were WILD. They say the stuff increases your lash volume by 500 percent, and I’m pretty sure it’s true. Friends do a double take when I’m wearing it, haha. It’s AMAZING. So amazing (and dramatic) that I reserve it for special occasions!

Scalloped Jumpsuit

Scalloped Jumpsuit

CUTE. And such a steal!

Okay… here are my other finds this week:

Mark my words: this print will become coveted on eBay in a few years. Scoop it up while it’s available!

Dream woven tote for summer.

I have these in black and they’re super comfy. LOVE the white for summer, too!

Cole Haan is probably my favorite shoe designer because the comfort is unrivaled. These are a great basic for summer!

THIS BAG COMES WITH A STRAP AND IS ONLY $50! It looks like it’s $500! Great find, Jess!

Another cute option. :) Sorry about the screaming.

I wore this the other night out to dinner! Received so many compliments; love that it has short sleeves!

An this seersucker one is the cutest. Might need this, too.


One of my favorite pairs of summertime earrings. I have them in clip-on!

Do you need a new pair of Jacks?

Have always loved this sweatshirt, and now it comes in pink!

Favorite dress pants. I keep highlighting them, but you need them. Dress pants that feel like pajamas! Simply tuck your top into one side of them and you’ll always look polished.

So sweet!

J.Crew Factory released a version of my favorite PJs from J.Crew. So much more affordable!

Have owned this skirt for a few years now and it remains a favorite. So flattering with the vertical stripes!

I just love this outfit in general so I’m saving it here so I can copy it, haha.

Looking for the Barbour Beadnell? Tuckernuck still has it in stock, whereas it’s sold out at most other retailers.

Amazon started carrying my favorite Ralph Lauren sweater?! Go up a size; it’s meant to be worn oversized.

I hear that these are fantastic. Denim leggings. Need?!

I love this pair of white skinny jeans. SO comfy. Here’s hoping I can fit into them by the end of the summer, but not going to stress over it. ;)

Obsessed with this Tuckernuck blouse. It’s on constant rotation!


Worn with your hair half up, isn’t this adorable?

BOW SNEAKS. Moms, we need these.

These are fabulous, too.

A gorgeous coverup for that first beach vacation of the season. We’re headed to the Jersey Shore next month!

A staple button-down in my closet. You get that classic look without overheating during the summer. I wear it with skirts all season long!

This reminds me of Grammie’s purses! You know: those ones with the wooden tops?

A great cut by Lilly Pulitzer. I have a bunch in other patterns! Love that it can be dressed up or down. Simply change your shoes out!

STOP. This is stunning.

And these jeans look fabulous on this girl.

This looks so cozy and comfy.

I don’t know. Anthropolgie has been killin’ it lately. I mean, this eyelet blouse?!

Sezane, this is beautiful!

And this everyday t-shirt dress? I need to shop here more often.

Another gorgeous top that would get a ton of wear!

OOH. Love that it’s slightly metallic!

Moms need more clothing like this: comfy tees disguised as something fancier. ;)

This is a stunner!

Oh man. I’m in love.

And these! These are Kelly shoes.

And a summertime version of ’em. :)

Why is this so expensive?!

Same. Love that it looks like a Chanel, though.

My backpack! I use this when all hands are on deck, like when we visit the children’s museum on Navy Pier. Who has time for a tote bag swingin’ around when you want to be playing?!

Is it horrible that I love these? Paired with a cute top, I think they could be really fun. Or maybe I’m so sleep-deprived that I’m delusional and they’re the worst. Thoughts?