Lululemon Align Leggings

The famous Lululemon Align Leggings are back in stock in navy! (Seriously worth every penny. Changed my LIFE. So soft; feels like you’re not wearing pants. I wear them as regular leggings with tops and sweaters, too. Also perfect for maternity. FYI in case you’ve never tried the brand: Lululemon sizing is a little weird; I wear a size or two larger in Lululemon than I do in J.Crew, for example.)

Made it through another week, guys. 😜 Here’s what’s going on with the Larkins as of late:

  • We’re having masonry work done on the house. The bricks need tuck-pointing and the front stoop steps and parkway blocks are loose, which is dangerous. I assumed that this would be extremely stressful with having workers around the house during the pandemic, but it’s only been one guy and he’s been able to safely work without interacting with anyone. So grateful!
  • We’ve been consumed by home-schooling. It’s a lot while juggling everything else! Some days are better than others; some are admittedly disasters, haha. But we cling to the days during which Emma’s excited and into it. Mitch is handling math and I’m handling English, and we tag team the Chicago Public Schools online learning system stuff. (Which has been VERY helpful. CPS teachers are incredible!) But yeah. It’s Friday and I’m thrilled about taking a break from it. (I’m sure other parents feel like this, too… but getting our three-year-old to do anything is nearly always a fight!)
  • I’m on an organizing tear, and it’s really been helping my mental health. Like, so much. I try to do one little project per day. Last night, before going to bed, I tackled our master bathroom–pulling everything out from the closet, drawers and cabinets. I gave it all a deep clean, tossed expired products, put aside extra products to be donated, and organized the rest. I also discovered that our mirror is actually a medicine cabinet, hahaha. I’ve lived here for a year. It’s fine. But in all seriousness, I highly recommend taking on little home projects like this. Control what you can control, right?! I feel a lot calmer.
  • Lucy’s on the move! She’s been crawling for a while, but now she’s pulling herself up and starting to stand. We installed a baby gate on the deck last weekend, but we’ve been struggling to find gates that’ll work with our weird staircases. Gotta do it tonight, though. Time is of the essence! (If anyone’s found anything that works for unusual spaces, let me know!)
  • We’re having a socially distanced dance party with Emma’s friends tomorrow. My heart is breaking for Emma. She has loads of pretend friends at this point, and it’s just so obvious how badly she misses her little Chicago crew. My friend is going to drive her family over, and Emma will dance on the front stoop and her kiddos will dance down on the sidewalk as long when it’s all clear. It’ll be a nice change from FaceTime, and I think it’s going to be a huge hit. :)
  • I’m in the process of starting up the second wave of the masked selfies series. I have so many incredible healthcare workers to share! This has undoubtedly been my most fulfilling endeavor this year, and while it’s been hugely time-consuming, it’s also been utterly worthwhile in every possible sense. It’s been an honor to be able to talk to so many heroes and hear their stories. Stay tuned. I normally post first on Instagram since I’m short on time these days.
  • I’m working on a fun project with Mark & Graham. It’s been such a nice distraction! We’re going to be promoting their outdoor line for the upcoming warmer weather, and it has me excited about long days spent in the backyard. No, we likely won’t be entertaining friends anytime soon… but it’s been a good reminder that our family can have a ton of fun just being together, too. (Btw: Check out the huge sale M&G has going on for handbags and accessories!)
  • We’re making Pinkalicious cupcakes this weekend. If you don’t know what Pinkalicious is, consider yourself lucky and move on. ;)
  • Everlane is having its “Choose What You Pay” sale. The prices are crazy. Below are my picks!

On to this week’s Recent Finds!

I’m a huge fan of Mark & Graham, and this is a favorite. It’s on sale!

As is my favorite crossbody bag.

Both Mitch and my dad have this. Part of the big sale. It’s a great Father’s Day gift!

Aren’t these so cute? I’ve always been such a fan of Trotters. Such a great spring/summer shoe.

J.CREW! These are darling for the beach.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I only wear J.Crew Dreamy Pajamas. So. Soft.

J.Crew swim for the win. Love this ric rac number!

This is one of my favorite small businesses’ best-selling product: the Pardy Wrap! It’s perfect for those chillier spring and summer nights. Makes for a great gift, too.

Seersucker Sperry sneakers for only $44!

Another version.

Love them in pink, too!

On sale! These actually might be my fave out of all of them.

And the classic Sperry boat shoes. Every gal needs a pair. I just pulled mine out last weekend!

SO INCREDIBLY IN LOVE WITH JACK ROGERS’ NEW COMFORT LINE. Sorry that I keep posting about them, but they’re every preppy mom’s dream… or really any quarantined preppy girl’s dream. ;) You can find them via Jack Rogers’ website, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.

I’m very into J.McLaughlin pants right now. These are pull-on and apparently very comfortable! Love pants that feel like leggings. :)

Very interested in these, too! Also pull-on, I believe.

And these gingham pants! I included them in a recent post because they’re so cute. Love the little slits at the bottom.

A running joke in my family is how much my parents love Orvis. But they’ve been killin’ it lately with women’s clothing, and I’m obsessed with a few of their newer pieces!

The Nantucket red sweater, especially.

And this one looks SO cozy.

I picture myself in this out on the deck with Mitch late-night after putting the girls to bed. :)

Absolutely in love with this dress. But it’s selling out!

The bow! Tuckernuck is also a retailer that’s been doing a fabulous job with its spring line.

Favorite dress from Everlane at the moment. So easy and simple for this summer!

I often feature the same Everlane products again and again, but they just have such great basics.

These white jeans are supposed to be super soft. I’m intrigued.

Another fantastic staple.

The comfiest sandals. It’s from Everlane’s “Day” line. So soft.

The cutest pair of shorts ever? Go J.Crew! Times are tough but you’re continuing to bring it.


I tend to wear strapless bras–I know; I’m a monster but I can’t deal with straps showing–but this bra looks super comfy. Maybe I should join the masses, haha.

Still have my eye on white Birks. Yay or nay?

Waterproof pair; very affordable.

I LOVE WHITE BATHING SUITS. This one from J.Crew is so cute.

As I mentioned before, the famous Lululemon Align Leggings are back in stock in navy! (Seriously worth every penny. Changed my LIFE. So soft; feels like you’re not wearing pants. I wear them as regular leggings with tops and sweaters, too. Also perfect for maternity. FYI in case you’ve never tried the brand: Lululemon sizing is a little weird; I wear a size or two larger in Lululemon than I do in J.Crew, for example.)

Here they are in olive green. I wear them with striped tops and the outfit always looks cute!

This pink pair is on sale.

This top is from my friend Olivia’s store. So proud of her for continuing to work extraordinarily hard after just having a baby during the pandemic. Go Olivia!

Huge fan of this 525 cardigan, too.

A stunning new ric rac dress from Tuckernuck.

Love this gingham one, too.

This is one of my all-time favorite tops, and I love it in this white linen fabric! There are a few different Easton tops, and they’re all SO cute.

Need I say anything?

THE STRIPED DRESS IS BACK. Sells out quickly so run, don’t walk.

Here it is in white, which is just as amazing.

Lands’ End recently teamed up with Draper James and I love everything.

A seersucker beauty from LLBean!

ADORE this top.

I have the vest version of this, but the jacket is even cuter!

A great everyday jacket for spring.

A very sweet sweater.

Wait, THIS is the perfect coverup.

Oh, HELLO! Get into my closet. Please and thank you.

In stripes!

A cute gift to send Mom. For when you can all see each other again. :)