Recent Finds, 4/26

Tuckernuck Swing Sweatshirt (Back in stock! One size fits all, and it’s my favorite top of all time.) / New Version of my Vineyard Vines Hat (Favorite floppy hats here, here and here.)

A ton of my family members are coming in from out of town today, so my weekend is starting early! Sharing this week’s “Recent Finds” post a day early, and Mitch will pop in tomorrow with a “Lately with Mitch” post. :)

J.McLaughlin Gingham Pants c/oBlush Loafers (Back in stock hereAlso available here.)

It happened, hahaha. I bought them in brown, too. NO REGRETS. 😂 They’re that comfy. I wear the pink or brown ones every single day.

Recent Finds, 4/26


Bathing suits are so hard for me. I have a long torso, and every once piece I try doesn’t work as a result. (Except for the ones that are designated as “long torso,” and they’re so rare!) I wish so badly that this one would work for me, but it looks short on the model. Too cute, though… right?!

This one initially looked perfect until I realized it was simply a bathing suit for a non-long-torso human with a skirt on top.

Brown scalloped sandals. Hello, I love you.

Such a sweet dress.

VINEYARD VINES. You’re killin’ it with the ric rac!

Why isn’t this available in more sizes?

Recently dyed all my white jeans pink. Still trying to fix that little mistake, but in the meantime, I ordered these. Can’t wait to try them as they get such great reviews!

I know I keep including this, but it sells out so quickly every year. Pick yours up before it’s gone!

FINALLY. A Gingham laptop case!

And cell phone case!

And matching backpack! Haha. I’m a lunatic.

Adore this dress.

Another “finally.” Because I’ve been after a gingham midi skirt for a while now. Hoping this one is as cute as it looks online!

My cousin is going to a black tie wedding in a few months, and I love this dress for her! So classy.

This one is gorgeous, too. And it has a great price tag.


Stop it, Camilyn Beth. Stop it right now.

Lemon pants?! Yes.

Definitely ordered these, and SO hopeful that they’ll fit.


The Gal Meets Glam dress collection at Nordstrom recently launched, and I’m in love with everything. But the giant bow on this number?!

Actually, this might be my fave. I know. Perhaps a little out of character. But it’s SO beautiful!

And then there’s this one…

Circular woven bags are all the rage right now, and this one has CRABS ON IT.

Ralph Lauren, you’re killing me.

A great Mother’s Day gift.

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Another pair of loafers that I, of course, can’t live without.

My favorite (super affordable!) faux leather tote is back in stock. :)