Recent Finds, 4/23

Tuckernuck Ruffled Sweatshirt (Runs completely TTS.)

Last week’s “Recent Finds” post is going up today, because I had a lot of fun content go live over the weekend! In case you were out and about, I published posts on how I decorated our bookshelves, a family coffee run (I LOVED these photos!), the best trench coat ever, and a brunch at Summer House Santa Monica.

Such a great week!

As for our weekend, it was pretty non-eventful. Which was totally fine! We have my parents, my aunts, and my brother and sister-in-law arriving this weekend, so we mostly laid low. Highlights included visiting a few playgrounds, grabbing an early dinner at Derby, and brunching at Hampton Social. (Which was so fun but also kind of a parenting disaster, haha. So many little mishaps. Still, we got out of the house and went to a different neighborhood. Who cares if the sippy cup exploded everywhere and then there was a little crying fit and then the to-go bag was dumped on the floor on the way out? We got OUT! 😂)

Anyway, let’s get into it!

Recent Finds, 4/23


IT’S BACK! I’m obsessed with this swing sweatshirt. It’s one-size-fits-all, and I swear it looks amazingly flattering on everyone. Couldn’t recommend it enough!

Holy cuteness.

I adore the ruffled sleeves on this number!

Such a simple, easy look. Pair the dress with flat sandals and you’re good to go.

Super into these paper bag-style pants this year, and this navy pair has my heart.

If I were getting married this year, I’d wear this to my rehearsal dinner. However, I’m OLD. ;)

Such a great price for an adorable striped dress that LOOKS like it’s $400+.

The scallops!

Stop it.

Obsessed with this brand.

The bow!

I know I keep talking about this, but I’m nuts about this striped top. I seriously own it in every size, as I kept growing out of it while I was pregnant and couldn’t live without it.

BEST TANK EVER. It’s machine-washable yet it looks like silk.

I’m in the market for a desk, as I’m turning our guest room into a multi-purpose room. What do you think? Too modern? I love the price. ;)

Pink gingham PJs!

I know. I need to stop about these loafers. But they’re back in stock, and again: the comfiest loafers I’ve ever owned. Run TTS.


I wish I could walk in these and not fall and break my ankle and then become a completely useless parent.

Another cute gingham number.

I’m all about the knit striped sweaters and tees during the spring, as they provide some added warmth. This one is in my shopping cart!

With a simple white tee? Love.

FINALLY! A navy polka dot blouse! I’ve had mine for YEARS and it always pains me to tell readers that it’s very, very old from J.Crew. Love this new one!


But I will.

Hahahaha — Apparently I’ve included this twice. It’s that’s good.


Another great raincoat option!

A great scalloped tank. Wear it alone (out) or with a sweater blazer (during the day), and it’s the cutest.

Noodle sweater. Enough said.

Brings me back to my Princeton days. And by my “Princeton days,” I do not mean college. I mean middle school and high school, haha.

What do we think about this? “Little House on the Prairie” or “Cute with a striped tee and heels”? I feel like anything is cute with a striped tee and heels, though. So there’s that.