Recent Finds 3/12 | J.Crew Sophie Sweater Blazer

J.Crew Sophie Sweater Blazer (Size down! Seriously, haha. It runs very big. Love the Nantucket red color, too!) / Red Flats (Similar. But check out J.Crew’s super-soft red ballet flats. No break-in time!) / Madewell Cali-Boot Jeans (I think I’ve decided that they’re the most flattering jeans I own. The white pair is on major sale, too.) / Long-Sleeve Striped Shirt (A favorite for tucking into jeans. Always looks very neat!) / Tortoise Phone Case / Bedroom Details

Happy Friday!

The big news on the shopping front is that Madewell came out with some amazing new denim. Here are my picks along with the rest of my “Recent Finds”:

Let’s start out with this new pair of Madewell jeans: The famous Cali Demi-boot is finally available in white! Again, I would say that this is the most flattering cut of jeans I’ve tried from Madewell (although you know how much I adore the brand’s Roadtripper skinny jeans). They run TTS and are ridiculously comfortable. Highly recommend!

I own this darker pair and wear them constantly.

New Roadtripper jeans! The following are my three favorite washes. (Remember: Roadtripper jeans were designed to be so soft and comfy that you’d pick ’em to wear on a long road trip in the car. Checks out, too! They’re the best. They usually run a little big. I normally order one size down.)

Awesome lighter wash.

Good middle-of-the-line wash. Perhaps my #1 pick.

I’ve heard magical things about Bombas’ low-cut no-show socks. My no-show socks definitely show, haha, and they don’t do a great job of keeping my Raynaud’s toes warm. Has anyone tried Bombas’ version?! There’s a regular one and a merino wool one. Thoughts?

Cute pink New Balance sneakers!

This is obviously for little girls, but there’s a women’s version, too! Not sure I’m down to do the whole matchy-matchy thing anymore, though. I did it a few times in Lilly Pulitzer and I felt a little embarrassed, haha. But Emma and Lucy match? YES.

Another cute little girls’ find. But can you imagine having to explain to your kid that they can only wear this sweatshirt on Saturdays? This sweatshirt at least opens it up to Friday-Sunday. Maybe even Monday.

Wouldn’t Emma and Lucy look adorable in this?!

Two options from J.Crew for white Demi-boot jeans.  Here’s the first, which are high-rise with the traditional front zipper.

And here’s the other, which are the highest rise with a button-front.

This is KNIT seersucker! It’s at the top of my wishlist right now because seersucker that feels like a t-shirt? Sign me up.

Matching pants. Here for all of it.

I love this cashmere t-shirt. Comes in a ton of different colors. Great for the transitional period we’re in right now, as I do feel that it provides a lot of extra warmth!

THIS SUIT COMES IN LONG TORSO. Amazing! If you’re a long torso gal, J.Crew came out with a ton of options this year.

I feel like this sweater is always in Recent Finds, but it’s just the best. A striped fisherman sweater?! Another great transitional piece.

I just adore this pink barn jacket. What a fun pop of color while things are still looking a little dreary!

If you’re looking for transitional pieces, this is one of my top recommendations because it features PrimaLoft, making it way warmer than most other springtime jackets. Barbour’s Polarquilt Beadnell is even warmer, btw!

Here’s the Barbour version. Obsessed with mine and can’t tell you how often I wear it.

How cute is this for Saint Patrick’s Day?

Oh, adorable.

The gingham pearl necklace makes another appearance. ;)

Bring on summer.

Little girl find! Also comes in blue.


I’ve had my eye on this dress for years. It’s pretty affordable, too! Sadly I have nowhere to wear it. Moving on…

OH THESE CHAIRS. I have a chair problem.

And these kitchen stools! Guys, I’ve purchased and returned probably five sets of stools at this point. I hate everything. Will these be the winners? Probably not, haha, but THEY LOOK GREAT ONLINE!