Target Easter Decor

YAY Easter! Hahaha. I fully admit to succumbing to pandemic holiday psychosis. But hey: This is far more legit than my recent Saint Patrick’s Day obsession, no?

Target is where it’s at for holiday decor. Always. Is there awesome stuff elsewhere? Yes, and god knows I’ll be writing posts on that too because #sofun. ;) But Target lets me decorate for whatever real or fake holiday I’m into at the moment without breaking the bank. Which makes it fun! And I truly feel that most of the decor is pretty  timeless. I’ve used my stuff for years and years, and it’s always fun to pull it out again!

Here are my favorite decor finds for Easter 2021. Stay tuned for Easter basket inspiration!

Carrot Garland

Carott-and-Poms Garland

Faux Pink Tulips

Carrot Bowl Filler

White Bunny Pillow

Natural Bunny Pillow

Rose Wreath

Bunny Wreath

Egg Bowl Filler

Decorative Wooden Bunnies

Decorative Ceramic Bunnies


Bunny Runner

Egg Platter

Natural Kitchen Towels

Pink Hand Towels

Ceramic Eggs

Potted Tulips: Set of 3