How Are You? | Kelly in the City Bedroom Wallpaper

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How are you?

A version of this appeared on my Instagram account last week, but I thought I’d share on the blog as well. I think I’ve probably hit the pandemic wall over here. I’m not depressed; While I’m unfortunately no stranger to depression, I’ve thankfully been able to ward off any serious bouts over the last year. ☀️ There’s a lot of joy and laughter in my everyday life! I’m lucky and grateful. But I also feel so…


Isn’t it funny how our bodies and minds often want to throw in the towel just as the finish line appears? Sure, it’s off in the distance right now. But it’s there. And yet I’m dragging. ⁣

When I wake up in the morning, I’m ready to tackle the day. Within a few short hours, though, every ounce of motivation is gone, my heart heavy with guilt and disappointment that I’m not doing a good job in any of the roles I play. I’m overwhelmed by the simplest of tasks because it feels like there are a zillion other things I’ve dropped the ball on. And when I sit down at my computer, I often find myself just staring, the applications blurring as my mind drifts elsewhere. And if I admit defeat and retreat back to my family, my mind still drifts, and then I stay up too late in an effort to rescue what’s left of the day, wondering what I can do differently tomorrow to remain present.

Well, that was a fun run-on sentence! ;) Admittedly, it’s such a day-to-day thing. I’ll probably be all sunshine and rainbows tomorrow. Which, in turn, will make me question my sanity. 🤪 But do you sometimes feel like this too?!⁣

I think I’m doing all the “right” things? I’m getting fresh air and exercise, spending time with the fam, taking time for myself, distancing myself from stressors, taking on less, and cutting myself slack. I’m also organizing closets, which has been surprisingly very helpful, haha. My most recent idea was that doing something drastic to my hair would change everything. So I chopped it and got some long curtain bangs… and went back to blonde (with a hint of strawberry). Stay tuned for that. 😆⁣

In the meantime, I’ll be over here, sometimes feeling lethargic and uninspired and sometimes feeling really great (!), trying to pinpoint why some days are better than others.

Serious question, though: Does anyone have any closets that need organizing? Hit a girl up. ✌🏻

How are you?