decorating the house

Flannel Shirt (Also love this one!) / Tartan Headband / Pull-On Jeans / Nutcrackers / Lucy’s Plaid Dress (Newer) / Mitch’s Plaid Shirt (Newer. Also love this one.) / Plaid Dishtowels / Coffee Machine (More affordable version here.) c/o

I didn’t have a chance to put up this post last night, but here we are! Goodness, guys. I’m in my holiday groove right now. 😂 We’re all just very much in the spirit this year, and it’s definitely because of Emma. For the first time, she really understands what’s going on, and she’s SO pumped about everything there is to come. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve teared up when she’s excitedly talked about Christmas. Having children in our lives sure makes this season wonderful…

We started decorating the house this past week. We found our tubs of plaid, haha, and it’s been a lot of fun finding places for everything. The built-ins are supposed to go in today, so I can’t wait to tackle the shelves, too! I want to make sure everything is festive and magical for the girls. :) I’m not saying that things need to be perfect; it’s going to be a while before we’re organized around here. But you know: I want a holiday village, stockings hung, nutcrackers, wreaths, an Elf on the Shelf–stuff like that. Some things I grew up with and loved, and that I now want the girls to grow up with and love, too!

Anyway. This explains why this week’s Recent Finds are super holiday-ish. Hope you enjoy!

Love, your Resident Crazy Lady

How cute is this plaid coat?! This is a best-selling coat in the solid; love the tartan, too.

This sweater and the following sweater look great tucked into high-waisted jeans. I have both from a collaboration with Banana, and they’ve been faves throughout the season!

Here’s the other!

A great winter puffer. The detailing is perfect, and looks so much fancier than most others!

The padding in these leopard booties are insane. Blog post coming soon. LIFE-CHANGING. So comfy.

Same goes for these pumps.

This is my favorite sweater right now. It’s fantastic. Size down and pair it with leggings and boots/booties and you’ll look adorable yet also be super comfy.

I’ve always been obsessed with J.Crew’s classic cotton blue PJs, but they wrinkle like crazy and I just can’t deal with that. These are the perfect solution!

Yes. These look like corduroy boots. I’m here for it.

These feel like butter. They come in a ton of different colors but this is my current obsession. Thoughts?

Sort of into wide-leg pants right now. These aren’t exactly wide leg, but they’re a good meet-in-the-middle-transitional pant for someone who’s not 100-percent in yet. ;) Hi!

This. Sweater. Is. Everything. Everlane sent me one last week and I can’t WAIT to wear it. TTS yet it’s an oversized look for sure.

Loved it so much that I included it twice, haha!

These are our holiday trees that you may have seen on our social accounts!

This is the first tree…

Second tree…

Third tree.

Don’t have this one, but I think it’s darling, too!

So into faux fur coats right now. Great for holiday parties and this one’s a steal!

Abercrombie has ALL the good plaids. And they’re affordable shirts!

OBSESSED. How did I miss this before?! Really wish the pink would come back, but the white is incredible, too. It’s on sale as well!

Very much interested in trying these jeans. Never got around to ordering/trying Madewell and these look fantastic!


SUCH a great scarf and such a great gift. People freak out over these things. Be someone’s hero.

Have had this in my closet for several years; such a great basic.


And these! They’re tartan jeans! like what?!

A great preppy flannel. A must-have and a great gift for a great prep in your life. ;)

Cute to pair all those plaid pants with.

The poms!

This is so sweet. Navy buffalo plaid/gingham, you’ll always be my favorite plaid.

Ralph Lauren, you’ve outdone yourself. If you have a big, fancy holiday wedding… GET THIS!

I think I’m wearing these for an upcoming J.Crew project I’m working on and very excited to try ’em.

Solid tartan shirt!

THESE. A great way to add an appropriate amount of tartan into your life if you’re not a psychopath like I am. :)

Another festive dress!

This looks so cozy and it technically works for #60daysofplaid

GREAT barn jacket. Lined with cozy plaid!

These are from the GAP. So fun, right?!

Same! Look at that ruffled collar.