Recent Finds 12/3

Street Level Tote (Under $50! Makes for a great gift. Tuckernuck carries a great alternative.) (All Street Level Totes here.) / Similar Leopard Sweaters Here, Here, Here and Here / Velvet Leggings

This week flew by but I’m so excited about a little r&r with the family this weekend. Tonight, we have my cousin’s fiancé (who’s in town for a wedding) coming over, and on Saturday we’re going to field hockey and then meeting up with friends at night. Would also love to sneak in a family movie night or trip to Zoo Lights again, as Mitch missed the first visit!

Rounded up a lot of my recent finds—including a lot of home products—because it’s been a while! Here we go:

I’m going to be hanging our garland (newer) on our stairs this weekend, so I ordered this soft velvet ribbon in taupe to use with it! (In taupe, as our wallpaper is a cream and the trim is a white.) Really can’t wait. My hopes are high.

Ordered this in the silver color as a backup. I’m nuts. Will return whichever one doesn’t work!

GAP HOME, this is gorgeous! What a steal.

My Veja sneakers are back in stock at Nordstrom! That’s HUGE. I found this pair to run TTS. I took my regular sneaker size (8), and they’re great. On the roomier side, but I’m a true 7.5 so that’s to be expected.

J.Crew brought back its famous rollback sweater in a chunkier style, and I love it. Particularly in the brown?!

Here’s the style in a super-soft material.

And in cashmere!

M3 silk ties are beautiful and they’re for a great cause! For the Chicago-lover. :)

We’re moving some furniture around in the house! The couch that is currently in my office is going down to Mitch’s, and then we ordered this sleeper couch for my office because it’s a pull-out, and the girls often sleep in my office when we have guests. It’s going to make life SO much easier. The only problem is that isn’t slated to arrived in July. Hahaha. Oh well.

Wouldn’t this make for a great Christmas gift?!

We have this pillow and it’s a family favorite. I grew up skiing/snowboarding and kind of always hated it because I get cold so easily, but that’s neither here nor there! Ha. :)

SO PRETTY for a dresser.

The Company Store’s trees are definitely my favorite Christmas decor, and they’re on sale today!

As is this one we have…

And this one…

And this one!

A newer version of my camel wool trench. Love that it’s a little longer!

I rarely feature girls’ clothing in these posts, but I have my eye on these sherpa vests for Emma and Lucy! They’d go with everything.

Not sure if anyone’s going on vacation any time soon this season, but this seersucker one-piece is beautiful.

Love this entire look!

Okay, we got a Balsam Hill spruce at the end of last season, and we’re THRILLED with it. Buy through Nordstrom b/c shipping speeds are great and you can’t beat the return policy!

I didn’t pay up for the flip function, but it’s apparently amazing. The tree is totally put together, you just flip up the top. Crazy.

Looks just like our star!

This is the light fixture we have in our foyer, and it’s on sale! I love it because it looks old; like something that’s been in the house for a hundred years.

And this is the light fixture we have in the girls’ playroom. (Also on sale.) It does not look old, haha, but it’s so cute! My mom picked it out.

We’re on a light fixture kick! I love these, and are considering replacing the can lights in the hallway with them. Maybe next year!

These are the indoor/outdoor light fixtures we have in the patio area. It’s been over a year and they still look beautiful!

LOVE THIS leather jacket. The price is insane and the reviews are amazing.

My all-time favorite Barbour in green, which I adore. SO warm. Nordstrom also carries it. So does Bloomingdales!

This tote looks very much like the Street Level one, though it has multiple ways to carry it. Definitely a fan!

Tuckernuck’s best-selling sweater is such a classic.

I love the famous ACK sweater in Nantucket Red.

This is sure to dress up nearly any more casual outfit for the holidays!

I know I keep featuring this but it’s my favorite holiday necklace this season. :)

My go-to “going out” earrings. I wear them every weekend!

The perfect (warm) holiday top.

I love! So cozy… and perhaps very essential for a Chicago winter. ;)

Great deal on a Dyson!

This is the one we have. I LOVE IT. I really can’t recommend it more. I can vacuum the whole house with it (at once) and it has a clip-in/clip-out battery which means I can always finish the job.

J.Crew restocked the Chateau in most colors, and it’s still on sale!

Same with the Cocoon.

I MADE A DECISION! Went with this rug for our bedroom since it was on sale. Was looking for a neutral Persian rug. Thought I’d go with something more traditional, but I’m really trying to mix in some more modern touches in our home to balance everything out. Very excited about it!

This rug was another that I considered!

I love this bed. What is happening?! (Though never getting rid of our cane bed because I adore it so, so much.)

This dresser! Really into the look of natural wood furniture right now.

Bow-front ones are stunning.

What a pretty console table! I wish we could fit one behind our couch in our living room but I think it would be too squishy.

Have been looking at a lot of chandeliers lately, as I’d like a black one to add dimension. (Our ceilings are white headboard.) This one is really pretty!

Here’s another option. Love the shades, as they provide softer light.

This is the loveseat I currently have in my office! Love this shade.

Our topiaries are now on Pottery Barn! We use these outdoors, under a covering. They’ve held up great over the last few years.

I fell in love with this couch. So sad it doesn’t come in a sleeper version!

This IS a sleeper sofa and I adore it. Just wasn’t sure about the green color. So beautiful, but would I grow tired of it?!

These are apparently the best work pants to have ever been created. Who wants to feel like they’re wearing sweatpants? I DO!

Factory hit it out of the park this season with this sherpa coat. It was just restocked, too!

My Christmas mug! Reminds me of my childhood, going to visit the tree at Rockefeller Center every year. Thanks for all the wonderful memories, Mom!

This is such a pretty take on the initial necklace.

A really cute advent calendar. Which reminds me that I still haven’t put ours up!

These are the lace-up version of my old Sorel riding boots! I love.

A tartan bandana for Noodle.

Such a great deal!

More Street Level bags. Street Level is known for their affordable prices and crazy-soft faux leather. I’ve had my tote for years and it still looks new!

Another option.


K, one more.

The only reason I’m not dehydrated. It’s on sale!

Nordstrom Cashmere is such a great deal. This one, which I own, is on sale—and it comes in tons of colors.

I call these my “winter heels.” They really are. They’re the only way I’m able to get some height during the coldest Chicago days!

My favorite blush is on sale. I wear “Dainty.” It’s perfect!

My go-to face wash (for super sensitive skin types) is also on sale.

And my favorite bra is on sale! I own five and rotate, haha. They feel like you’re wearing nothing but provide great support. Huge fan.

40 percent off the famous Lady puffer! Wonderful on its own or for layering. I’ll be bringing this to New Orleans in a couple of weeks!

A bigger version of my couch.

This is our living room couch! I’ve had a few people reach out recently about it, so I thought I would include it here. It’s scratch-proof leather. We’ve owned this couch (and another version) since before Emma was born, and ZERO SCRATCHES. It’s a magic couch, and literally all my family members own it. (And lots of friends.) Really, it’ll change your life… especially if you have kids or dogs. No more worrying about spills or scratches. Insanity!