barbour jacket

Barbour 125th Anniversary Icons Beaufort Jacket (Also available via Tuckernuck) and Fleece-Lined Betty Vest c/o (Also available at Tuckernuck. It zips into most Barbour jackets! I also LOVE this Barbour vest and this one, too.) / Gap Skinny Jeans (I also have this pair and love them just as much.) / Everlane Boots / Mark & Graham Navy Bamboo Tote (This one is even better because it has a strap!) / Joules Harbour Shirt c/o (As seen in our Halloween post!) / Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM

Wooooo! So happy over here as we have a great weekend ahead of us. Today, we’re hopefully seeing my cousin and his girlfriend who are in from New York… and tonight, we have Jess and Neal’s Halloween party! (Got a babysitter and everything. Boom. Thanks, Katie!) On Sunday, Emma has a morning birthday party (so nice!), and then we’re going to drive up to the North Shore for our annual fall excursion. We’re still under construction on the first floor of our home, so we’re glad that we’ll be out of the house so much!

Anyway, here are this week’s Recent Finds! I’ll warn you and say that most are from J.Crew and J.Crew Factory, because I think the brands are KILLIN’ it right now. ;)


Barbour sent me this coat recently, and it’s hands down the best Barbour I’ve ever owned. I’m OBSESSED. It’s so cozy and warm with the liner, and said liner is tartan!

It’s also available via Tuckernuck.

I have this vest for it, which zips in. I wear it with the jacket and solo all.the.time. Can’t recommend it more.

I have this bag without the strap, but I’m always dreaming of having it with the strap.

GAP. This is amazing! Picked these up recently when the girls and I were out making returns and so excited to wear over the holidays.

This top matches!

My favorite leather booties are back! They do scuff pretty easily, so know that and be prepared to buff ’em up every once in a while. But they’re like butter. The softest leather I’ve ever laid my hands on, and I reach for them every day.

Here’s another Barbour vest that I love!

This one is great, too.

The classic roll-neck sweater is on sale.

I bought this recently because I’m trying to refresh my basics. It’s so cozy and goes with everything!

Bought this in Miami because Lucy pooped or threw up on me so much that I ran out of clothing, haha. Best investment! I LOVE it. It’s so flattering and travels incredibly well!

Oh my gosh. I LOVE this color. Sigh. Need it in my life but trying to resist.

Another awesome basic.

I’ve always loved yellow coats.

Aaaand another basic I adore. Get ready for more. SO many in this post, haha.

Actually, these shoes are NOT a basic. So there you go. Just holiday happiness. Too soon? Hope it’s not too soon. Because there’s quite a bit of that in this post as well. ;)

Yes! Paired with lighter wash jeans and loafers? The perfect work-from-home or weekend look.

See? But this is really cute. It’ll go with all your work and fancier pants.

This is a summer staple I missed out on… and now it’s restocked in so many sizes! Any trips coming up? This would be perfect!

Yes.Yes.Yes. I bought this in three colors because I love it so much. It looks dressy but feels like pajamas.

On sale in this cute fall color!

These look awesome and they’re on sale.

Herringbone sweater coat!

IT’S BACK. Don’t complain if you don’t pounce on this now. ;) I’ll wear it on the blog soon. I went up two sizes because it does run small and I wanted to be able to move in it.

J.Crew Factory brought back its famous Stewart plaid shirt… but now it’s in FLANNEL! Chicago Gals, this is huge for us. You’re welcome.

And the BOW COAT is back! I’m telling you: This is one of my best Recent Finds, haha!

Herringbone navy top.

It’s sparkly! If you’re doing a low-key New Years this year (which Mitch and I always do), this is a perfect option! Or tuck it into a dressy skirt and make it look fancier. (All about warmth while also dressing the part.)

So cute for fall.

This is made out of that awesome supersoft yarn. If you’re going to invest in any sweater dress this season, make this it!

STOP. Factory, you’ve outdone yourself. ;) I can’t wait for Christmas. And #60daysofplaid.

Matching pants in case you have a bestie.

Matching skirt in case you have TWO besties.

…I need to stop writing these posts while drinking wine.

So cute. And classic. I have nowhere to wear this to, but maybe you do?!

The buffalo check one? Even cuter.

Bow studs for a steal.

My most-worn necklace of the year. I wore it to every holiday event, and received a zillion questions about it. Grab it before it sells out. It goes with everything!

SIGH. Love that headbands are back.

I likely wouldn’t wear this, but NOODLE SHIRT ALERT. ;)

My favorite straightening brush now comes in a travel version!

Here’s the original.

These leggings are amazing and they’re SUCH a steal.


A reader recently recommended this for Emma, and I think I’m going to buy it for her for Christmas!

I saw this on another blogger on Instagram and thought it looked so cozy!

This one, too.

So excited for fair isle season.

Cute leopard loafers with a convertible back, which means ultimate comfort!


I have a loafer problem.