Recent Finds, 10/2

Birkenstock Clogs (If you sign up for their emails at the bottom of the page, you get a discount, which is nice!) / Lululemon Dark Olive Leggings (Softest leggings in the history of the world.) / Classic Chambray Shirt / Sweater Blazer (Love the new herringbone one, too. Here’s Factory’s version.) / Bedroom Details

Do we like how I just jumped into this without any sort of intro? It’s fine. ;)

Birkenstock clogs lined with FUR. It’s cold in Chicago and it’s only Oct. 2. I might need these.

SUCH a big fan of this turtleneck poncho, only worn with a striped turtleneck underneath.

Still patiently waiting for the Lady Day Coat to go on sale.

Striped New Balances?!

Mermaid earrings! Oh, how Emma would love these…

And these!

Oh my goodness. Any brides out there? This would be BEAUTIFUL.

Rainbow Row masks. Adorable.

If you live in a warmer climate, ORDER THESE. They’re so soft. A dream. And they’re one of those Amazon steals!

Samesies. So soft.

Likewise. I’m on the Amazon bandwagon for sure.

I own this chenille sweater from a few years ago and it’s wildly soft and warm yet looks fancy. Comes in a ton of colors, too.


This is chic. :)

Lululemon is back with the Align pants in a lighter olivey green.

And that lovely Nantuckety red.

I love this mask company. So much Liberty London.

Ordered these for Charlie and Shirley’s farm wedding because of the chunky heel and price tag. ($35.) Here’s hoping they get here in time…

Also wearing this!

I’m basic. :)

The perfect camera strap?!

Here’s another winner from that Etsy shop.

SO CUTE. I can’t remember who I saw this on—one of my friends, for sure—but it’s beautiful.

#1 on my list this October.

These jeans are on the list, too. ;)

Cozy cozy.

Madewell flannels are wonderfully thick and warm.

The famous Old Navy Stevie leggings are back!

Oh well this makes me want to frolic around Rhode Island…

I wish I hadn’t found this. STUNNING, haha.

The wildly popular Free People tunic sweater is back. If you have your heart set on it, pounce now because the thing sells out in like two minutes. Size down!

In white. Love the other colors, too.

What is this girl doing? Put your shirt down. What if your mother sees this?


By far the best little black dress I’ve ever owned. Okay, guys. Gtg to bed. Heart you all.