Striped Ruffle-Collar Sweatshirt | Recent Finds 8/13

Striped Ruffle-Collar Sweatshirt

Friday the 13th. 😬 What better way to spend it than shopping for transitional clothing, I guess? ;)

Gosh, Boden has really been doing an excellent job this year. Whoever’s in charge deserves a raise. This scalloped sweater is stunningly beautiful.

And this scalloped chambray dress is beautiful.

Love a good jumper.


Woven flats. Kind of excited about switching out my sandals for flats—but I say that mostly because Chicago has been STEAMY as of late. I know I’ll regret it soon enough. ;)

Oh gosh. This looks so much my favorite ruffled sweater from Madewell but better because it’s cashmere. This is an investment piece but one that’ll be in your closet forever.

I’m on a Lululemon kick. I wrote a “Lululemon favorites” post that’ll go live next week, but man. I’m just living in it these days with the amount of biking we’ve been doing. These are my all-time favorite leggings and the only pairs that still remain in my drawers after this year’s closet clean-out!

Here are the shorts version. VERY helpful when it’s 90 degrees and humid out. ;)

Favorite bra. It’s half bra, half tank and can be worn on its own or under a loose-fitting bra. Huge fan.

My favorite Lululemon t-shirt. This is the long-sleeved version, and this is the tank!

The tank I wear the most because it’s loose-fitting. Looks great over the Align leggings or shorts.

This is Lululemon’s best “jacket,” which is really a zip-down sweatshirt. Made out of the same wonderful material that the Align leggings are, it’s soft yet substantial and keeps me warm in the spring and fall.

Emerson Fry’s famous pants are back in stock! I sized up.

And the famous dress is available in a new (very fall-ish!) color. So pretty!

IT’S IN STOCK. Should I go for it?! (Just not sure about how low-cut it is. But literally everything I’ve ever ordered from Emerson Fry has been amazing. So…)

Still eyeing the Dudley Stephens striped dress!

The best jeans J.Crew Factory has ever made. They’re backordered, but they’re worth ordering. SO SOFT AND STRETCHY… and flattering and perfect, haha.

Love this new addition to Madewell’s Roadtripper line, too!

Definitely pumped about clog season over here.

I don’t need anymore gray sweatshirts… I don’t need anymore gray sweatshirts…

Made from the wonderful lightspun material! Gauzey and no steaming necessary, it’s as easy as it gets.

BOOT SEASON IS NEARING! J.Crew, these are delightful.

The superset boots that you don’t have to break in.

The classic suede booties.

Made out of that Ecovero material I love so much. (No iron!)

Tell me the truth. Am I crazy for loving these? Too 90s? Or cool?


An updated version to the striped maxi I love so much! Ordered this and it’s awesome, too.

Going to get a Gorjana necklace soon since they just arrived in LP! Deciding between this shorter one…

…and this longer one. Thoughts?

Comfy Mocs. Here for it.