When I was growing up, my dad and I got pretty into astronomy. I remember spending hours at the telescope and pouring over the computer program Starry Night Enthusiast together. I also remember reading as many Greek mythology books as I could get my hands on in an effort to help myself memorize the constellations. So when the Brooklyn-based retailer Uncommon Goods approached me about giving away this gorgeous astrology locket by Julie Nolan on the blog, I did a little happy dance. We all know I love fashion jewelry, but I really adore fashion jewelry that holds special meaning. While my astrological sign is Libra, I think I’d have to put a lot of thought into which locket I’d choose!

Another reason I love this locket is that it comes from a company believes it’s responsible for impacting the world in a positive way. UncommonGoods works with emerging artists and designers to feature products–many of them personalized–that don’t harm the environment. Half of the company’s collection is handmade, and about a third incorporates recycled or upcycled materials, too. I love that.

Anyway, enter today! And check out the company’s gift ideas for Valentines Day. (Super cute.)

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